GOAL: Pass a Penny for Paths Ballot Initiative in South Burlington

GOAL: Making South Burlington a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly city by closing the gaps in our existing path and creating pedestrian-friendly intersections and crosswalks.

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THE OPPORTUNITY: Penny for Paths - Close the Gaps" would provide a dependable source of funding for the next 10 years to start closing the gaps in our multi-use paths, as well as provide needed crosswalks and pedestrian-friendly intersections. In some cases, a short stretch linking existing paths could open up miles of new opportunity for walkers and cyclists of all ages and abilities. 

CURRENT STATUS: While we are lucky to have a great system to build upon, gaps in the city's sidewalks and recreation paths leave many unable to connect to the rest of South Burlington without driving. Many neighborhoods are isolated, leaving numerous residents unable to safely ride or walk to school, city parks, or our new City Center. Sometimes the gap is as short as a quarter of a mile, or a busy intersection, and sometimes it is a long stretch that lacks commuter access. 

Examples of Gaps:
1. The south section of Dorset Street between Old Cross Road and Sadie Lane lacks a recreation path.
2. Williston Road lacks crosswalks linking the sidewalks serving the Chamberlain neighborhoods and Williston Road businesses.

On Tuesday, August 14th residents have an opportunity to vote to connect South Burlington's many paths and sidewalks by endorsing Penny for Paths on the ballot.

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Register to Vote on Election Day, August 14
July 3 - Early voting starts at the City Clerk's Office
July 3 - Absentee Ballots are available



For more information, contact bikeandpedcmte@gmail.com



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