GOAL: Make Howard & St Paul Improvements (Semi-) Permanent

Local Motion has asked the City of Burlington to install a long-term pilot version of the recent pop-up walk-bike safety demonstration at Winooski, Howard, and St. Paul by the end of 2017 using paint, bolted-down bollards, and other semi-permanent materials.  Our hope is that the pilot would stay in place through the winter and into next spring.  This would allow for much more in-depth data collection, as well as provide significant safety improvements without having to wait for full reconstruction of the intersection.  

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Background on this Project

RSG_design_for_Howard_St_Paul_pop-up_--_small.jpegOn July 26, Local Motion worked with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, AARP Vermont, RSG (a consulting firm) and Burlington DPW to install temporary improvements to this intersection based on the RSG design at right. The improvements were in place through July 30, and consisted of chalk lines plus moveable posts and planters that approximated how the intersection would work if the curbs were moved out to the edges of what is actually needed by vehicles to safely move through the intersection. The result was shortened crosswalks, a reduction in speeding, and additional space for seating in front of two neighborhood stores—without any impact on parking or travel lanes. Feedback on the project was mostly positive, with a few suggestions for improvements.

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The changes made as part of the July pop-up were never intended to be permanent. The point of the pop-up was twofold: to gauge community reaction, and to do a real-world test of the design so as to identify improvements. Based on community feedback and on-the-ground experience, RSG is currently preparing recommendations for next steps, including a semi-permanent pilot project. The marked-up design at left summarizes Local Motion’s feedback on the pop-up. Our staff monitored the project closely, identifying traffic flow issues as well as opportunities for improving walk and bike safety. We have submitted our feedback to RSG and DPW and asked them to incorporate these design changes into the next phase of the project.

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High-res version of Local Motion's design recommendations for a semi-permanent pop-up.


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