GOAL: A Connected BTV Center-City Bike Network in 2017

bike_map_screenshot_copy.jpgBetter biking is coming to Burlington in 2017—if you stand up and speak out!  Local Motion is organizing Burlington residents in support of six bike infrastructure improvement projects that are on DPW's list for this year.  We want to make sure they all get done, and YOU are the key to making that happen.  Click each link below, and if you like what you read, add your name in support of that project.

connecting north ave to downtown     
bike lanes on pearl street     
protected bike lane on union street     
building the old north end wiggle     
southbound bike lane on willard     
green intersections and super-sharrows     


OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE:  The protected bike lane on North Union is currently being installed!  One down, five to go.  



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