Add Bike Lanes for a Safer Flynn Ave

GOAL: Add Bike Lanes for a Safer Flynn Ave

Flynn Ave serves as a critical connection for those traveling to City Market, Oakledge Park, the Burlington bike path, and other destinations in Burlington’s South End. It also provides a low-stress route for those commuting by bike between Burlington, South Burlington, and other surrounding communities. In the longer term, it will link directly to the shared-use path planned alongside the Champlain Parkway. Adding bike lanes along both sides of Flynn Ave will improve safety and fill a missing gap in the regional network. 

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THE OPPORTUNITY: Ask the City of Burlington and the Public Works Commission to install bike lanes in both directions this summer on Flynn Ave.
Help fill this critical gap in the existing network and make these changes possible with a show of public support.

CURRENT STATUS: The only bike lanes that currently exist on Flynn Ave are the advisory lanes between City Market and Oak Ledge. Although the city plans to install an eastbound climbing bike lane between City Market and Shelburne Road this summer, Plan BTV Walk Bike recommends bike lanes in both directions along Flynn Ave to ensure that this route can be traveled safely by everyone. Local Motion, in collaboration with the Burlington Walk Bike Council and other local residents, is advocating for bike lanes on both sides of Flynn Ave between Pine Street and Shelburne Road.

THE NEXT STEP: Add your name via the above link to show your support. Please also consider contacting DPW at or 802-863-9094 x 3, and/or coming to speak on this issue at the Public Works Commission meeting on May 15th, 2019 at 6:30 PM.

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