GOAL: A Safer Winooski Ave

GOAL: Make Winooski Avenue Safer for Walking and Biking

Winooski Avenue is the primary north-south corridor through the heart of Burlington. It is also one of the streets identified as being most unsafe, with the highest incidences of bike and pedestrian crashes in the city.  Given the safety concerns and the frequency of use by those walking and biking, it is identified in PlanBTV Walk Bike as a route to prioritize improvements. 

Recognizing the economic, public health, and social equity benefits of a transportation system that accommodates biking and walking and well as motor vehicles, the City of Burlington, CCRPC, and transportation planning firm, RSG, have undertaken a study over the past year and a half to identify ways of improving the corridor for all modes of travel. They have recently released a proposal with recommended improvements. 

See details here on the proposed plan

Local Motion and the Burlington Walk Bike Council are in support of the new proposal and believe it would go a long way towards making Winooski Ave safer and more inviting in the near-term. We are advocating for the following to be shared with the project team, and we hope you will join us! 

1). We support the installation of continuous bike lanes in both directions along the length of the corridor, as proposed by the Winooski Ave Transportation Study Team.

2). We would like to see proposed safety improvements along the most dangerous section of the corridor, between Main and Pearl Streets, prioritized within the next year. In the longer-term, please make this section even safer for those biking and walking by adding protected bike lanes and reducing traffic from 4 to 2 lanes with turning pockets and green infrastructure, similar to the image above. These changes could be constructed initially as a 'quick build' pilot project.

Add your name in support of this proposal

THE OPPORTUNITY: Share your feedback with the Winooski Ave Transportation Study team to help inform future decision-making and support better walk-bike infrastructure along the corridor. 

CURRENT STATUS: The Winooski Ave Transportation Study Team’s proposal for short-term improvements would help make the corridor safer, more accessible, and more vibrant for a greater number of roadway users, but a show of public support is needed.  

THE NEXT STEP: Add your name via the above link to show your support for continuous bike lanes, and for prioritizing improvements in the near-term where they are most needed. We also urge you to email the transportation study team directly and/or come speak at the next public meeting for the project on Tuesday, January 28th, 7-9 PM at the BCA Firehouse Gallery, second floor, 135 Church St. We need as many voices as possible at this meeting to demonstrate the public support to send the right message to the City Council! 

For more details on the Winooski Ave Transportation Study

Below is a sample letter that could be sent directly to the Transportation Study Team.

Bryan Davis, CCRPC (bdavis@ccrpcvt.org)
Nicole Losch, City of Burlington (NLosch@burlingtonvt.gov)
Jonathan Slason, RSG (Jonathan.Slason@rsginc.com)  

Hello Bryan, Nicole, and Jonathan,

I am writing to express my support for the current plan proposed by the Winooski Avenue Transportation Study Team. Once implemented, these changes will go a long way towards improving safety and accessibility for those walking and biking along the corridor and will help to better connect the existing bike network within the city.  

In particular, I want to express how critical it is to have continuous bike lanes throughout the corridor.  I would also stress the importance of addressing the safety challenges between Main and Pearl Streets (the most dangerous stretch) as soon as possible through a road diet to calm traffic, a pedestrian refuge for safer crossing on foot, and installation of protected bike lanes. 

Thank you for your consideration and for your efforts to improve safety for all modes along Winooski Ave.


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