American Flatbread

115 St. Paul Street Burlington, VT | (802) 861-2999

It is the mission of American Flatbread to provide good, flavorful, nutritious food that gives both joy and health, and to share this food with others in ways sustainable to all.
We set out to do this by:

  • Creating a pleasant, fulfilling and secure workplace
  • Producing, Packaging, marketing and distributing our products in an environmentally conscious way
  • Trusting one another and practicing respectful relationships with those involved in this work
  • Supporting with our voices and our buying power local, regional and sustainable agriculture, the forces of peace and understanding, the cultural, economic and environmental needs of peoples worldwide and the ecological needs of the wild flora and fauna
  • Being an educational resource to our community
  • Being a good neighbor
  • Laughing and being of goodwill. Being grateful, respectful and forgiving and Encouraging these experiences in others

Incredible local flatbread, salad and Zero Gravity Beer made here.
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