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Want to find a specific project that Local Motion is working on?  Interested in seeing examples from across Vermont of how Local Motion helps communities become better places to walk and bike?  This is the home for all Local Motion's "technical assistance" projects, where we work with local governments and community groups to make streets and roads safer for walking and biking.  More projects will be added over time as we build out our new website, so come back often!

Project Design Assistance

24419272844_c3d6058b10_z.jpgThe most common way that Local Motion helps communities become better places to walk and bike is by providing feedback on how already-planned transportation improvement projects can be made more walk- and bike-friendly.  For example, we will often be called upon to review repaving projects to assess whether the striping plan can be changed to incorporate bike lanes or wider shoulders. We also sometimes help communities come up with policies or designs from scratch that address a significant gap or deficiency related to walking and biking.  

If you have a project that you think we could help with, or if you know of a good example of a project that has improved conditions for walking and biking in your community, please contact Katelin Brewer-Colie, our community technical assistance manager.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The projects listed here are only a small fraction of what will ultimately be included on our website, and the descriptions included are placeholders for much more in-depth content to follow.  Please be patient as we build out our new website! 



Bay Road Underpass Brattleboro Street and Sidewalk Safety Policy Swanton Intersection Redesign Williston Road Bike Lanes Route 15 Path Champlain Parkway North Avenue Railyard Enterprise Project

Community Assessments

Local Motion can work with you to assess your community's bike and pedestrian safety and on-the-ground infrastructure, as well as prioritize community actions using data, field visits, analysis of the built environment and other information gathered through interviews or community meetings.  To request a community visit and assessment, please fill our our Community Visit Request form.

Lyndon Assessment Morristown Assessment St. Johnsbury Assessment

Walk/Bike Planning

Local Motion collaborates with towns, regional planning commissions, and consultants to develop high-quality walk-bike master plans.  Our role is often as a member of the advisory committee for the plan, although we have at times worked directly as a member of a consultant team.  To discuss options for Local Motion's involvement in creating or updating a plan for your community or region, contact Katelin Brewer-Colie, our community technical assistance manager.


Plan BTV Walk/Bike UVM Active Transportation Plan Chittenden County Active Transportation Plan Essex Town & Junction Walk-Bike Master Plan

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