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Join Us for a "Street and Sidewalk Safety Inventory"

Safe Streets volunteers are helping their local public works departments identify and fix key safety issues on streets, sidewalks, and paths.  In order to address safety issues systematically, volunteers conduct what we call a "Street and Sidewalk Safety Inventory," where they document safety issues using a simple inventory sheet and then enter them into an online system called This system organizes the reports into categories, and Local Motion then forwards them to the appropriate public works department for follow-up.

There are three criteria that define the kinds of issues we're looking to inventory:


  1. The issue must be in the public right of way. That is, a safety issue that is in a parking lot somewhere doesn't count (unless it's a municipal lot).  It has to be something that Public Works is directly responsible for.
  2. The issue must present a significant hazard for people on bike and on foot. This has two parts.  First, our focus is strictly on bike-ped safety issues, so don't report anything that is only relevant for cars.  Second, we don't want to clog up Public Works' system with every little thing out there that needs fixing, so only report something if it truly constitutes a safety hazard.
  3. The issue has to be a maintenance task, not a capital project. Big projects are important, but they aren't the focus of this initiative.  If it's something that DPW would need to budget and plan for as a stand-alone improvement, don't log it in SeeClickFix.


Contact Jason Van Driesche at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 861-2700 x109 with questions.



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