E-Bike Testimonials

“We loved the bike. I could hardly get my 2.5-year-old toddler out of the box all weekend and easily did 35 or 40 miles over the weekend. My daughter asked to be taken to and from pre-school in the bike and asked for us to chauffeur her to the park and downtown as well. We’re a pretty bike-friendly family and already use a trailer for some trips on the weekends, but having the motor on the bike made it so easy we were using it more often than we would have otherwise. “


“I LOVED using the e-bike I borrowed over Labor Day weekend, and I have been raving about it to friends ever since. Riding home to Shelburne was an adventure, starting with a detour since the bike path along the waterfront was closed. Traffic on Pine St was not too crowded, and with the boost of the e-power, I felt more confident riding alongside cars...The next day, I was so happy to be able to bike up Irish Hill Road in Shelburne, which I have never been able to do before!  Besides biking up to work in the family gardens, I took a nice 12-mile afternoon loop through Shelburne and Charlotte...I am NOT a regular bicyclist and had I used my own bike, I would have been sore and exhausted. The e-bike was awesome! I did have a bit of a sore butt, BUT I felt energized and excited!!”


“Loved having the ebikes - my husband and I both had one on different weekends - and we shared them with neighbors and friends. I commuted to work on them both and encouraged my co-workers to try it too. I also rode down to the White River coop from Norwich for groceries...came back with a full bag and a six-pack!  I Loved going up the hills I often avoid. It's still a workout - not like a moped, but sometimes it feels more like spinning. It can be lots of effort, but you can regulate it when you need to. I also rode up Jericho Street which I would never attempt on my bike - such a pleasure to get up there and enjoy the view and ride!”


“I have a disability that makes it difficult to ride a bicycle.  That, combined with the rural, hilly nature of my town, kept me from being able to ride in my community.  My health was suffering as a result.  I purchased an e-bike this summer, and all of that changed.  The freedom and the new, deeper, connection to my community has been a huge gift during COVID.  My health has improved significantly, and I have a much stronger and deeper connection to my town.  My e-bike has, without exaggeration, changed my life.”


“I rented the Urban Arrow for my family and for four glorious days we survived without our car. I was happier, my kids were happier and everyone we passed had smiles on their faces. We loved it!”


“I am the race director for Howard Center’s Zoe’s Race and I used the bike to help lug things around for our event. Having the bike made getting supplies out to locations up and down the bike path and through neighborhoods a breeze.”

“I had an absolutely awesome time with the e-bike – I took it for a few days during my “camp” with my six-year-old daughter. It was one of the highlights for her (and me) as moving around in it was itself part of the adventure. It took a little getting used to but once I was comfortable we used it to go up the bike path from South Burlington to UVM on several occasions, we rode it along the Burlington Bike Path to go to Echo, and we rode it around the Old North End.”