Keith Franchetti

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    Thanks for sharing this! It’s brilliant! I also read your piece on the Hindo Fundo. I look forward to meeting you.

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    Thanks so much for this great write up! I wish I had gotten a few minutes to ride with you and pass the time. Pesto making, story telling, and literature all sound like great topics to me. Again, thanks for the nice description of a great day and a great event!

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  • posted about Speak up for More Stripes on Streets on Facebook 2016-08-06 01:53:45 -0400
    I endorsed Local Motion's call for More Stripes on Streets. Join the call for more bike lanes in Burlington!

    Speak up for More Stripes on Streets

    We, the undersigned, call on the City of Burlington to work with Local Motion and other partners to install new bike lanes on at least two major streets that:

    a) are important connections for biking; and
    b) can have bike lanes added without significant changes to vehicle lanes and without any major construction.

    We urge the City to add bike lanes to these streets by fall 2016.  We encourage the City to take a "light and fast" approach to adding bike lanes, restriping streets based on in-house engineering knowledge rather than hiring an outside firm to do the design work.  

    Finally, we call on Mayor Weinberger to allocate the funds needed to pay for extra line grinding and striping costs incurred to create these bike lanes, and to work with city staff to expedite these projects.



  • tagged Anndee Lyford's Route 2A from the Essex line into the village with important 2016-06-11 12:03:30 -0400

    Route 2A from the Essex line into the village

    Route 2A from the Essex line into the village is horrible to walk or bike . Multi use paths would enable all us folks that live in that area a way to get to the library, the basketball courts and most importantly The Village Scoop!!

  • Commuting Route in Colchester

    We really need a safe way to bike what is basically Colchester's main artery: Severence Road - Blakely Road. This connects Fort Ethan Allen & Essex Jct. area with Malletts Bay

Avid bicyclist and bicycling proponent, taxpayer, family member, and frequent driver as well.
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