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    Community Bike Clubs

    Connect with a local group for an after-work or weekend ride, or join a local club to meet new friends! 

    Green Mountain Bike Club

    GMBC is the oldest bike club in Vermont. Their membership includes touring riders, racers, and commuters from beginners to experts. During the cycling season, they organize regular training and recreational rides and club races (time trials and criteriums). GMBC takes sharing the road and responsible riding & driving seriously and asks that drivers and bicyclists work together to make roads a safer place.Their mission is to promote cycling for fitness and friendship; encourage safe, courteous riding practices; organize weekly recreational rides, training rides and competitive events, and engage in bicycling advocacy at the state and local level.

    Stowe Bike Club

    A local biking group that organizes weekly rides and informal races. 

    Women on Wheels in the Wissahickon

    This group of women encourages each other at all levels of mountain biking. They aim to get more women riding, in a supportive environment. Through mountain biking together, we all improve. This group gets together weekly for a supportive, no-drop, friendly, multi-level ride in the Wissahickon (when the trails are solid and dry). WTF welcome. Beginners welcome.

    Queen City Bike Club

    Queen City Bicycle Club (QCBC) is a group of female and non-binary people riding bikes for fun, for connection, and for empowerment. There is no formal way to join Queen City Bicycle Club. If you're a female-identifying or non-binary person who rides bicycles, you're part of QCBC if you want to be. The Facebook group is the main method of communication. Members of the Facebook group should feel free to use the group to connect with one another, share related events, initiate discussions, and use the group as a resource.

    VMBA Local Chapters

    The Vermont Mountain Bike Association serves as the statewide voice of mountain biking advocacy and is comprised of nearly 30 chapters across the state. Chapters are the backbone of Vermont’s amazing singletrack and riding culture. The combination of VMBA and chapters is a uniquely productive pairing and is the only of its kind in the country.

    Little Bellas

    The Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling. They aim to create a community that will empower girls through the sport, emphasize the importance of goal-setting, promote healthy life styles and recognize the positive effects of strong female bonds. While this program is centered around creating camaraderie for girls on bikes, it is most importantly about having fun in a constructive environment.

    UVM Cycling

    UVM Cycling is the University of Vermont bike racing team. They have a history of winning regional and national championships and regularly send semi-pro and professional bikers into the world of international bike racing. Simultaneously, they invite new and beginner bike riders with open arms and do it all with mustaches, mullets, and Hawaiian shirts.


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    From my home in the Old East End (Grove St), Colchester Avenue is my connection to town, and I ride my bike on it year round. Riding west, uphill toward Burlington, works great until the bike lane disappears at the top. Riding east, downhill, is narrow, and when there’s traffic, there’s not enough room for me.

    Please improve the biking facilities. Colchester Ave is important connection between town centers. Thank you!

    Add your name to help create a safer Colchester Ave

    We, the undersigned, support the repurposing of the existing public right of way along Colchester Ave to make room for new and improved biking facilities. We call on the City of Burlington and Burlington Public Works Commission to support the repurposing of public space currently used for on-street parking to improve safety for those biking along this corridor.  We believe this is an appropriate and beneficial use of public space.


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    Jeff was a good friend to me at the office. We worked together on photos, map distribution, spreadsheets, event planning, and so much more. I will miss you, Jeff!

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    GOAL: A Safer North Avenue in Burlington

    Local Motion, in collaboration with city, neighborhood and other local leaders, helped to shape the vision for a safer North Avenue for everyone: people walking, biking and driving. North Ave serves as a critical connection between downtown Burlington with many of Burlington's most important destinations. So, what happens to North Avenue affects the daily transportation needs of residents across the city. 


     THE OPPORTUNITY: A pilot project was designed to convert the 4 vehicle lane section of the Avenue between Institute Rd and Shore Rd/Heineberg Rd to 2 lanes with a center turn lane and bike lanes in both directions. This design was chosen because it would improve safety on North Ave for everyone: people walking, biking and driving. A 4-lane North Avenue would never be built today because it is an unsafe, outdated design. The center turn lane allows a continuous flow of traffic, while reducing potential rear end and sideswipe conflicts, while making more room for bike lanes. It's a winning design that will increase the safety of North Ave for all users, regardless of choice of transportation.

    CURRENT STATUS: After a year of temporary implementation, the pilot was voted into permanence on Monday, July 10th, 2017!


    The goal of this pilot was to show that North Avenue can be safer and align with contemporary needs.

    All Burlingtonians deserve a better street and a better neighborhood that ensures that the kids, adults, and grandparents in the New North End (and Old North End) are safer, healthier, and wealthier.

    Learn More

    Protected bike lanes are part of a transportation revolution in cities and towns across the US!

    Read more about the Myths and Facts of this common type of redesign project known also as a "Road Diet."

    Take a look at the City of Burlington's website for the latest project updates.

    Check out an Avenue for Everyone for more background on the pilot.

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    Burlington Activist Directory

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    Led by stalwart Valet Bike Parking co-founder Stu Lindsay. An inspiring story. Go Stu!

  • Walk/Bike Planning

    Local Motion collaborates with towns, regional planning commissions, and consultants to develop high-quality walk-bike master plans.  Our role is often as a member of the advisory committee for the plan, although we have at times worked directly as a member of a consultant team.

    To discuss options for Local Motion's involvement in creating or updating a plan for your community or region, contact Allegra Williams, our Livable Streets Program Manager


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