Campaigns and Advocacy Updates

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Lanes of Change

man_on_bike2.jpgAT LAST, the North Avenue pilot project is up and running! And now, many New North Enders are getting out there and experiencing it for themselves, causing even some skeptics to realize how terrific a 21st century road re-design can be. See what they have to say in this recent article by the Burlington Free Press, and keep your eyes peeled for the perspective of Local Motion's Katelin Brewer-Colie.

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Safety is a Two-Way Street

man_on_bike.jpgWith an increasing number of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in Vermont, it is more important than ever to understand safety precautions for bikers, walkers, and drivers alike. WCAX's latest on-air feature, Dangerous Roads: Sharing streets with cyclists, pedestrians, is must-see-TV for ALL users of the road, and a good reminder that safety is a two-way street.

Watch the TV spot

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How did Minneapolis Get so Bike Friendly? In a Word: Advocacy.

9357201922_8ea06b7742_q.jpgBack in April, Local Motion brought Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges to town.  Why?  Because, despite cold winters and lots of cars, Minneapolis is one of the best cities for biking in the country.  Burlington can and should do the same.  How do we get there?

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Come on out for Richard's Ride

richardtom_thumb.jpgOn Saturday, May 21, come out and and ride for safer, better biking for everyone at the first annual Richard's Ride.  Organized by the Richard Tom Foundation, this ride is in memory of Richard Tom, who was loved by many and was killed on his bike in spring 2015

Road and mountain bike rides from 4.4 to 70 miles.  All funds raised support safer roads and getting kids on bikes.

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"Recommended" 4-foot Safe Passing Distance Now Law

rally_for_safe_roads_crowd_view_thumb.jpgOver the past six months, Local Motion has invested hundreds of hours in educating lawmakers and advocating for change in Vermont's laws related to bike safety and driver responsibility.  We've been working closely with Rep. Mollie Burke and Rep. Willem Jewett (huge thanks to both!) to find ways to make our roads safer for everyone. 

In the 2016 session, four key measures passed the House and were sent up to the Senate:

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Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges comes to Burlington

betsy_hodges_--_wonder_woman_thumb.jpegIn April, Local Motion brought Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis to Burlington to inspire city leaders and citizens alike in advance of the release of Burlington's walk bike master plan.  

Minneapolis is the only American city to make it onto the list of the 20 top bike cities in the world. Check out some of the great coverage of her visit on WCAX and Fox 44.

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Burlington Voters Support North Avenue Pilot

BKT-NorthAve_thumb.jpgOn Town Meeting Day, Burlington voters overwhelmingly rejected an advisory question calling on the City to retain four lanes on North Avenue between the Route 127 interchange and Shore Road, paving the way for the pilot project to move forward. The pilot will test a new road design for North Ave to improve safety for people driving, walking and riding, with four vehicle lanes with no bikes lanes changing to two vehicle lanes plus a center turn lane and bike lanes in both directions.

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Burlington's Proposed Bike Network: A Step in the Right Direction, but Not There Yet

BTV_bike_facility_map_--_Local_Motion_comments_thumb.jpgPlanBTV Walk Bike is Burlington's first-ever attempt to (among other things) plan for a complete, fully integrated bike network that brings biking within reach for everyone.  The draft bike network map is a big step in the right direction, but it still falls substantially short of what is needed to make biking a safe option everywhere in the city.  

Comments are needed!  Please send your ideas to by October 22. 

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