Campaigns and Advocacy Updates

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BTV Gears Up for Major Bike Improvements in 2017

Burlington_center_city_bike_network_--_2017_v3_map_only.jpgBurlington is finally set to make real progress on becoming a biking city!  This year, the City has committed to an ambitious list of bike-related improvements to streets (as well as a whole lot of improvements for walking) to ensure that Burlington becomes as bike and walk friendly as possible.  Local Motion has been working closely with DPW and the mayor for the last six months to shape a high-impact package of improvements that focus primarily on the "center city" area (Old North End, downtown/waterfront, hill section up to the UVM green, and south end to Howard).  By the end of 2017, Burlington will have a basic connected network throughout this area!

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Important update from the League for American Bicyclists - Big win on Performance Measures

league-logo.pngThank you!

Because of your support, US DOT has acknowledged that biking and walking have a role to play in reducing congestion and improving air quality!

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Voters Approve Billions for Biking Nationally

pfb_logo.jpegOn Election Day, voters nationwide approved nearly $5 billion in new local funding for biking-related infrastructure and initiatives.  Burlington was among them and is mentioned in a story by People for Bikes.  Question 1 on Burlington's local ballot approved a capital improvement bond that will fund rehabilitation of the rest of the lakeshore bike path, reconstruction of failing sidewalks, and rebuilding of our streets for 21st century travel needs.  Check out the full story here.

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Local Motion Releases Comments on BTC Mall Redevelopment

BTC_image.jpgLocal Motion has long been and will continue to be a strong supporter of redeveloping the Burlington Town Center mall, with the goal of creating more value for our community on this key downtown property.  As Mr. Sinex’s proposed redevelopment project has moved forward, we been actively engaged and have listened carefully to a wide range of perspectives on both the process and the design.  Here are what we see as some of the most important issues to resolve as the project moves forward.

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Burlington Featured in Streetfilms Video

church_street_streetfilms.jpgIf you've ever seen a Streetfilms production, you know they are the gold standard for video about walkable, bikeable communities.  Last week, Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms came to Burlington on vacation—and shot a piece about our city in his spare time!  It uses Church Street Marketplace as its jumping-off point, but paints a bigger picture of Burlington's potential for walking and biking.  Read on to see what he threw together for us.  It's pretty awesome.

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BTV Walk-Bike Master Plan Draft Released

PlanBTV_walk_bike_cover.jpgAt long last, Burlington has released PlanBTV Walk/Bike for review!  Before it is submitted to Council in fall, it needs some "ground truthing" from people who walk and bike regularly.  You can download the plan at this link, or view a hard copy at Fletcher Free Library, City Hall, and DPW.  Submit comments by September 23 via email to Lucy Gibson at and copy  Read on for Local Motion's take on how the plan can be improved.

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Barre Montpelier Road Diet is a Big Win for Safer Streets!

Copy_of_File_000.jpegThe word is in and it's a big win for safer roads for everyone! VTrans is making the lane reconfiguration aka “Road Diet” on the Barre-Montpelier Road in Berlin permanent. The roadway resurfacing project, which has been tested and reviewed in a pilot process over the past two months, and includes a reduction in the number of vehicle travel lanes from two-lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction with center left turn lanes, and the addition of buffered and conventional bike lanes. 

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More Stripes on Streets, More Butts on Bikes

26051107140_a7aa13b064_q.jpgAre you interested in cleaner air? How about a healthier population? Though it may seem intuitive, Sorrel's latest article "Building Bike Lanes Really Does Get More People Out of Their Cars" is a confirmation of why Local Motion's newest campaign matters: MORE STRIPES ON STREETS means more butts on bikes! Now, it's your turn to get involved. If you are interested in seeing more bike lanes across Vermont, endorse Local Motion's campaign More Stripes on Streets today! 


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Burlington residents declare: MORE STRIPES ON STREETS

StripesOnStreets.JPGBikes. Beers. Burlington. Lovers of all three converged to pack the house at Skinny Pancake's monthly Green Drinks event for the launch of Local Motion's More Stripes on Streets campaign. Attendees put pen to paper and collectively contributed 57 letters to be sent to the mayor in support for the modernization of Burlington's transportation infrastructure. Click the button below to add your name!  Then read on for a rockin' ode to bikeable streets...

Endorse Stripes On Streets

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The Proof is in the Numbers

8426239132_6fc1c33f5f_q.jpgMost of us feel safer and more confident cycling on the road when there are clearly designated bike lanes, but how effective are these lanes in reality? New data from StreetsBlog USA shows that an increase in bike lanes within a city means more cyclists on the road and fewer severe or fatal injuries. The release of this report is timed perfectly as we prepare to launch our MORE STRIPES ON STREETS campaign! 

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