Campaigns and Advocacy Updates

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Bike Lanes are Not the Problem

A few days ago, we received an interesting email from an anonymous Burlington resident.  The email included a number of questions about the emerging bike network in Burlington.  We took this as an opportunity to take a deeper dive into some of the issues that have surfaced over the past six or eight months as Burlington has begun implementation of PlanBTV Walk Bike.  Read on to see what was asked—and how we responded.

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2018 BTV Walk-Bike Workplan

2018_bike_facilities_map_screenshot_copy.jpg2017 was a somewhat lack-luster year for the implementation of Burlington's Walk-Bike Network. As 2018 gears up, it is with renewed energy and cautious optimism that the biking/walking community of Burlington is approaching the upcoming construction/biking/walking season.

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Progress towards improved safety on Rte. 2 in Richmond!

Untitled1_richmond.jpgLocal Motion partnered with Richmond's Trails Committee and Climate Action Committee to document community support for making Route 2 in Richmond safer- especially through better accommodation for biking and walking. The Local Motion online petition was a huge success and has triggered action. Richmond Select Board wrote to VTrans to support the re-striping and to recognize the problems and challenges on that key section of road that serves as a key link to Richmond Park & Ride and to residences, businesses and conserved land. An email from the Planning Coordinator at VTrans informed us that the Manager of the VTrans Highway Safety and Design section has agreed to the West Main Street re-striping requests, specifically to work to "identify potential ways in which this work can be accomplished/funded this upcoming season."

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Local Motion Joins Partners to Revolutionize VT Transportation

T4VT-blog-image.jpgVermonters spend about a quarter of their income on transportation, and almost half of Vermont’s greenhouse gas pollution comes from the transportation sector. We think that is unacceptable, and  we can do much better. How? Transportation for Vermonters can help get us there.

Getting from point A to point B can be expensive, confusing, and polluting in cities and urban areas, so in places like Vermont where A and B are sometimes dozens of miles apart for many people’s daily commute, it’s even more expensive, confusing, and polluting.  We wish every Vermonter had the option to travel via biking, walking, or taking the bus, but we know it isn’t that easy quite yet. Fortunately, there are some incredibly intelligent and creative folks in Vermont working on improving transportation in our state, and we joined them to work together. The group is called Transportation for Vermonters (T4VT), which is a promising network of Vermont organizations, businesses, and institutions researching, planning, and advocating for solutions that will lead to more affordable, sustainable, and convenient transportation around the state.


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2018 Call for Proposals & Award Nominations

VT_bike-walk_summit.JPGPlanning for the 2018 Vermont Bike/Walk Summit is underway! The committee is now accepting both proposals and award nominations.The themes of this year's summit are Advocacy & Education, the Built Environment, Economic Development, Safe & Healthy Communities and Mobile Workshops.  Send them your best presentation ideas and the names of people doing a great job working on these topics in your community!

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VT Legislator Introduces Bike Registration Bill

Earlier this month, Senator Carolyn Branagan of Franklin County introduced a bill that would require people to register bikes and pay an annual fee for the privilege.  Here's a nice article from VTDigger that asks some pointed questions about what such a bill would accomplish and whether it is needed.  

We've been getting lots of questions from supporters about this bill.  What's the point of registering bikes?  Why was this bill introduced in the first place?  And most important, is the bill going anywhere?  Read on for answers!

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Upcoming I-89 Exit 14 Bike / Pedestrian Crossing Study Meeting


Join South Burlington city staff, CCRPC and your neighbors on Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00 pm at the Holiday Inn - 1068 Williston Road, South Burlington to discuss the I-89 Exit 14 Interchange. This first community workshop will evaluate issues and identify possible improvements, for bicyclists and pedestrians crossing through this area.

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Federal Bike-Walk Policy Update Now Available

bike_walk_action_webinar_copy.jpgThe League of American Bicyclists has launched a new initiative called "Bike Walk Action."  This national coalition of state bike-walk groups (like Local Motion) has come together to shape federal policy related to walking and biking.  Check out their latest federal bike-walk policy update webinar at this link.  It is from Caron Whitaker, a national expert who has been lobbying on our behalf on Capitol Hill for years.  


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Making Better Biking Happen in Burlington this Year!

Screen_Shot_2017-05-08_at_12.14.28_PM.pngDo you live, work, or shop in downtown Burlington?  Do you bike on the Burlington Greenway (aka the Lakeshore Bike Path)?  Watch for big on-the-ground changes for better walking and biking this summer!  Burlington DPW has committed to an ambitious slate of on-street improvements for biking and walking in downtown Burlington. The Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront department will rebuild the Burlington Greenway from North Beach to the Winooski River bridge. Things are in motion for putting Burlington on the map as one of the best small cities for biking and walking!

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THE "SLOW SEASON:" What our Advocacy Staff Do in Winter

Though spring is officially here, it sure didn't feel like it until recently.  (Many Vermonters walk and bike through the winter, but more often than not in spite of the cold weather, not because of it.)  For many folks, it really isn't until April or even May that walking and biking take center stage once again. 

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