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  • endorsed 2019-05-19 08:38:56 -0400

    Add your name in support of bike lanes on Flynn Ave

    We, the undersigned, support the repurposing of the existing public right of way along Flynn Ave to make room for new bike lanes on both sides of the street between Shelburne Road and Pine Street. We call on the City of Burlington and Burlington Public Works Commission to support the repurposing of public space currently used for on-street parking to improve safety for those biking along this corridor.  We believe this is an appropriate and beneficial use of public space.


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    Your support matters!

    Here is how you're improving local Vermont communities:

    • 92,433 Vermonters gained access to safer, more livable streets thanks to Local Motion and its partners.
    • 14,208 Visitors traveled from around the globe to ride the Bike Ferry, strengthening our local and statewide economies. 
    • 10,836 Kids became the next generation of confident bike riders and climate considerate commuters.
    • 6,872 Hours contributed by passionate volunteers in support of Local Motion's statewide programs.
    • 1 Incredible community rallying around Local Motion to make Vermont the best place to live, work and play.

    Donate. Volunteer. Stay Involved.


  • endorsed 2017-12-16 08:27:03 -0500

    Endorse improvements on Rte 2 in Richmond

    We, the undersigned, users of Route 2 (West Main Street) in Richmond call on the Town, County and State authorities to implement improvements to make that heavily used section of road safer for all users. The present state of the road creates serious hazards for pedestrians and bicycle users and discourages or prevents them from using it. Immediately (prior to the eventual Route 2 rebuild) we request that the shoulder be re-striped, increasing the shoulder width by 1 foot on each side and reducing lane width from 12 to 11 ft., bringing the widths to the VTRANS standard for state highway lanes - we're simply asking them to comply with their own standard. This low cost, sensible improvement will work better for everyone. In particular, people want improved access to the currently jam-packed Park & Ride to facilitate carpooling and use of the Link Bus, as well as for access to residences and businesses.


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    Monthly Sustaining Gifts

    Local Motion's mission is to make biking and walking a way of life in Vermont. Monthly gifts are convenient for you and help provide financial stability for Local Motion.


    Sustainer benefits include:

    • Uninterrupted giving - we’ll automatically bill your credit or debit card every month.
    • Annual tax receipt each January, documenting the cumulative gifts for the prior year
    • No additional renewal notices.
    • Change or cancel your monthly gift any time by email at or call 802-861-2700 Ext 107.

    Thank you! Your support means a lot to us!


  • endorsed via text message 2016-07-26 20:14:34 -0400

    Speak up for More Stripes on Streets

    We, the undersigned, call on the City of Burlington to work with Local Motion and other partners to install new bike lanes on at least two major streets that:

    a) are important connections for biking; and
    b) can have bike lanes added without significant changes to vehicle lanes and without any major construction.

    We urge the City to add bike lanes to these streets by fall 2016.  We encourage the City to take a "light and fast" approach to adding bike lanes, restriping streets based on in-house engineering knowledge rather than hiring an outside firm to do the design work.  

    Finally, we call on Mayor Weinberger to allocate the funds needed to pay for extra line grinding and striping costs incurred to create these bike lanes, and to work with city staff to expedite these projects.



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