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Local Motion's business members and sponsors support our work for many reasons.  Some have many employees who bike to work and want to encourage and support them.  Others see a vibrant, walkable community as a great way to bring more customers in the door.  Still others are competing on the national scene to attract top talent, and know that a walkable, bikeable community is one of the things that people who can get a job anywhere are looking for.  And all of them recognize that Local Motion's visibility and reach are an asset for any business that is looking to make its mark in Vermont.
If any of these reasons ring true for your business, please consider joining us!  Business memberships start at just $250 per year, and sponsorship opportunities for specific Local Motion programs are available at the $1,000 level and up.  And we welcome donations at any level from businesses that simply want to support a walkable, bikeable Vermont.
Local Motion's major business members (Silver and above) and sponsors are listed below. Please give them your thanks for their commitment to making Vermont a great place to walk and bike. You can visit our business member directory here to see all our business members!

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VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations

(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - gold - platinum - [DIAMOND])
(Title sponsor: Bike Ferry)
International bike/walk travel at its finest. From the smallest of details, VBT will plan an unforgettable adventure for you!

Burton Snowboards

(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - gold - [PLATINUM] - diamond)
(Lead sponsor: Trailside Center)
Burton has served a pivotal role in the growth of the snowboard industry since day one. Everything they do there started in the mountains, from getting the most out of every journey outdoors to chasing snow around the globe. Their connection to the environment is seamless, and sustainability has become a part of all their products as they strive to preserve their playground for generations to come.
Visit Burton's homepage


(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - gold - [PLATINUM] - diamond)
(Lead sponsor: Valet Bike Parking)
Skirack's main goal is to provide the finest outdoor goods and services.
 It is the home for all things self propelled- bikes, cross country skis, snowshoes, inline skates, running shoes, kayaks, and the respective clothing and accessories. They are here to help us to enjoy the sports that they enjoy, and have a friendly, fun, and welcoming environment for all. 
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(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - [GOLD]- platinum - diamond)
(Basic Sponsor: Bike Ferry) is a completely free website that uses graphs to show where car trouble spots are, based on complaints submitted directly to our website straight from other car owners. Visitors can find useful information about each reported car problem, such as the most common solutions, average cost to fix, average mileage at failure, & read individual stories from other owners.
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(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - [GOLD] - platinum - diamond)
(Lead Sponsor: E-Bike lending Library)
VSECU is a financial cooperative. They're the first state chartered financial institution in Vermont to offer credit union membership to every Vermonter. Our mission is to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental, and social prosperity. Talk to us to find out what we can do for you and your community.
Explore becoming a VSECU member


(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - [GOLD] - platinum - diamond)
(Lead sponsor: Valet Bike Parking)
Redstone is Vermont's leader in commercial real estate. The company has three divisions: development, brokerage, and property management. Their team is actively involved in the local community, and many are serving on boards, organizing charity events, mentoring, and more. Redstone's commitment to the community and foresight to build relationships across all sectors has become part of the company's mission and philosophy.
visit redstone's website

Burlington Town Center

(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - [GOLD] - platinum - diamond)
The Burlington Town Center is the primary downtown shopping attraction for locals and tourists alike.
From bigger brand name stores to smaller boutiques, everyone can find somewhere to browse, or to simply grab a bite and relax at one of the spas. They strive to make Burlington a vibrant and inviting community for all.
Visit the burlington town center's website

Skinny Pancake

(Member Level: basic - bronze - silver - [GOLD] - platinum - diamond)
(Lead sponsor: Valet Bike Parking)
The Skinny Pancake is a Vermont creperie that utilizes all local ingredients to be as sustainable an environment as possible.
They are on a mission to change the world by building a safer, healthier, and more delicious food shed while creating everyday enjoyment that is fun and affordable. They love Vermont and want to share its bounty with friendly service in an authentic and fun atmosphere.
Visit the Skinny Pancake homepage

Earl's Cyclery & Fitness

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Earl's Cyclery exists to make cycling a better experience for YOU! By helping you get equipped with the right stuff for you needs, Earl's wants to ensure that everything works the first time so you can maximize the amount of time you are outside on your bike. 
Visit Earl's Cyclery and Fitness homepage

Farmhouse Group

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
The Farmhouse Group owns and operates  The Farmhouse Tap & GrillEl Cortijo TaqueriaPascolo Ristorante, and Guild Tavern. Their menus are designed to showcase local ingredients and celebrate our local farms and food producers.
visit Farmhouse Group!

Seventh Generation

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Seventh Generation is a Vermont company that formulates plant-based products that are safe and healthy solutions for the community.
They are always evaluating how to reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable supply chain. They believe it is their responsibility to set a course for a more mindful way of doing business, where companies act as partners with other stakeholders to create a brighter future for the whole planet. 
Visit the Seventh Generation homepage

Switchback Brewery

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Making big beers out of a small brewery. Switchback is one of the craft breweries that has helped to put Vermont on the map as one of the finest craft brewery states in the country. 
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Terry Precision Bicycles

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
The original women's bicycling company! Since 1985 Terry's has been disrupting the bicycle industry – designing innovative bikes, saddles, apparel and accessories that fit mobilized women who believe their wheels are their wings and that pure performance and feminine style can ride in tandem. They are are 100% dedicated to making cycling a more comfortable experience for all women.
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Vermont Federal Credit Union

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Vermont Federal is a full service, not-for-profit, cooperative financial institution that has been serving Vermonters for over 60 years. Founded in 1953, the Credit Union was initially only able to extend membership if the person was working for one of our sponsor organizations or selected employee groups (SEGs.) They now operate under a community charter opening the possibility 
of membership to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in a variety of Vermont counties, as well as any of their family members.
visit the vfcu website

Amalgamated Culture Works

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Amalgamated Culture Works is in the business of making sure that your company is well represented wherever you go - they specialize in the fine craft of t-shirt printing! Leave it to them and your business name will soon be walking across the state of the back (or front) of your shirt!
Visit the website!

Pomerleau Real Estate

(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Pomerleau has established an outstanding reputation throughout New England, and is one of the largest commercial real estate brokerage and development firms in the State of Vermont. own and manage over 2 million square feet of commercial property, and maintain leadership positions in the fields of Development, Commercial Brokerage, Property Management, and Tenant Representation.
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(Member Level: basic - bronze - [SILVER] - gold - platinum - diamond)
Concept2, Inc. is makes the world's best-selling indoor rowing machines and oars. Our indoor fitness training machines are all sport-based, and designed and made to the highest quality standards. Maker of the Model D, Model E, and Dynamic rowing machines.
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