BTV Gears Up for Major Bike Improvements in 2017

Burlington_center_city_bike_network_--_2017_v3_map_only.jpgBurlington is finally set to make real progress on becoming a biking city!  This year, the City has committed to an ambitious list of bike-related improvements to streets (as well as a whole lot of improvements for walking) to ensure that Burlington becomes as bike and walk friendly as possible.  Local Motion has been working closely with DPW and the mayor for the last six months to shape a high-impact package of improvements that focus primarily on the "center city" area (Old North End, downtown/waterfront, hill section up to the UVM green, and south end to Howard).  By the end of 2017, Burlington will have a basic connected network throughout this area!

Not all of the infrastructure will be what we want long term. There will be sharrows in places where we ultimately need lanes, and some key streets will remain untouched until 2018. But it is real change, and it is to a significant degree a result of Local Motion's persistent advocacy with the City.

The City Council will (finally!) approve Burlington's first-ever walk-bike master plan at its second meeting in March. We will use that approval as a pivot point to launch a major effort to build support (and pressure) for ensuring that the 2017 map becomes a reality.

In the meantime, check out DPW's official walk-bike workplan map for 2017.  (Nicole Losch presented the plan at February's Burlington Walk-Bike Council meeting.)  It's truly inspiring.  And it's a great place to build momentum for even bigger changes in 2018.  (Winooski Avenue, anyone?  Battery Street?  Let's think big.)


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  • Maggie Severance
    commented 2017-07-28 19:38:34 -0400
    Hello, I see a lot of white posts set up, owned by local motion, set up at the end of S. Winooski and all over the five corners there. What is the story? Why can’t I find info on your website about it? Thanks