Island Line Construction Updates

Burlington Greenway Bike Path, Colchester Causeway Park and Bike Ferry Status

Burlington Greenway Bike Path

The Burlington Greenway is open beginning at Maple Street and heading north, and from Lakeside Ave heading south. The short segment from Lakeside to Maple Street will, unfortunately, be closed for the 2020 season. A detour route has been established along Pine St., and Local Motion is working with the City to make it safe and comfortable for cyclists.

(Map from BPRW)

Having the bike path closed for the 2020 season was not the plan. The factors that caused this closure were not in anyone’s control, though, and Burlington Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront is doing all it can to get the path open as soon as possible. 

Burlington’s Greenway has been undergoing a multi-phase rehabilitation that began several years ago. Last fall, the City of Burlington began work on the most challenging stage of the rehabilitation, where the path crosses the Barge Canal in Burlington’s South End. The work required to complete this section is only feasible when the water level in Lake Champlain is low, as it typically is in the fall and winter. Unfortunately, we experienced a very strong storm on Halloween that dumped about 3 inches of rain in a matter of hours and raised the water level by multiple feet, bringing construction to a standstill. Work on this section of the path cannot resume until the water levels drop again. Visit BPRW’s update page for more information and background on the bike path rehabilitation project. 

Colchester Causeway Park & Bike Ferry Status

Local Motion had scheduled the Bike Ferry season opening for May 23rd to coincide with the completion of the Causeway repairs and improvements that began last fall. 

However, we were recently notified by the Town of Colchester that the reopening of the Causeway would be delayed due to the Governor's COVID-19 order to halt construction projects. We have tentatively scheduled the ferry opening for July 1st. This is our best-guess scenario for the earliest start date considering Causeway readiness and uncertainty about the virus impact. 

We will be keeping a careful eye on all of the factors that can impact our schedule and will adjust as the situation dictates.

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