Seven Day Service for Bike Ferry

Bike_Ferry_2.jpgSeven. What is seven? The seven deadly sins? Days of creation? Days of the week? The name of a popular Burlington newspaper? Or just a lucky number? 

For us, it's the magic number...

Starting this weekend, June 17, 2016, the Local Motion Island Line Bike Ferry is beginning its seven-days-a-week service for the bike riding public.  In previous weeks, we’ve had our “soft launch” – getting the kinks out of our operations, cleaning the boat’s spark plugs, getting our crew practiced and confident for all-systems-go.  Now it’s the hard launch! 

Starting Friday, the ferry will run from 10 am to 6 pm each day. Riders and walkers can start anywhere on the Island Line Trail and end up at The Cut, where the bike ferry links the Causeway and the Champlain Islands. Check our website if the weather is really, really bad – but we haven’t had a multi-hour closure in two years.

Bike Ferry passes can be purchased at the Trailside Center, at The Cut on arrival, or  online through our website.   

I love the ferry, you love the ferry, we all love the ferry.

Come ride the ferry.


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