Aimee Motta

  • endorsed 2017-12-16 09:25:26 -0500
    Making the road safe for bike commuters is essential.

    Endorse improvements on Rte 2 in Richmond

    We, the undersigned, users of Route 2 (West Main Street) in Richmond call on the Town, County and State authorities to implement improvements to make that heavily used section of road safer for all users. The present state of the road creates serious hazards for pedestrians and bicycle users and discourages or prevents them from using it. Immediately (prior to the eventual Route 2 rebuild) we request that the shoulder be re-striped, increasing the shoulder width by 1 foot on each side and reducing lane width from 12 to 11 ft., bringing the widths to the VTRANS standard for state highway lanes - we're simply asking them to comply with their own standard. This low cost, sensible improvement will work better for everyone. In particular, people want improved access to the currently jam-packed Park & Ride to facilitate carpooling and use of the Link Bus, as well as for access to residences and businesses.


  • donated 2017-11-29 20:54:12 -0500

    Thank you for helping us grow a culture of walking and biking in Vermont!

    Your support will sustain infrastructure campaigns across the state and many other equally important programs and initiatives, from Bike Smart to the Bike Ferry.

    Here's a quick look at some of what we were up to in 2019:

    • Supported 7 pop-up demonstration projects in 6 counties 
    • Partnered with Chittenden County Regional Planning on a regional bike-count program to gather data on infrastructure needs and uses
    • Provided technical assistance to 24 towns
    • Held 33 workshops statewide, reaching more than 750 Vermonters of all ages
    • Brought our Bike Smart trailers to 79 schools and camps, enrolling 13,400 kids
    • Successfully tested a remote bike rental operation at Burton Island State Park
    • Hosted internationally recognized author and bike walk advocate, Jeff Speck
    • And so much more! 

    This story is just one example of the work we do across Vermont  helping to build bike-friendly and walkable communities for all! 

    When Jason Stuffle moved to Colchester Avenue 15 years ago, momentum was building for improved infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. But year after year, meeting after meeting, progress was painfully slow and piecemeal. On-street parking barely left enough room for driving lanes, let alone bike lanes or crosswalks. Despite his advocacy, an overhaul on Colchester Ave just wasn’t happening.

    Finally, last year, as Burlington was preparing to repave Colchester Avenue, Local Motion brought together and helped rally Jason and his neighbors to ramp up pressure on the City to make the street safer and more equitable. We leveraged our base of supporters to spread the word, turn residents out to speak at public meetings, and create a petition that garnered over 250 signatures. The work paid off: Safe bike lanes, sharrows, and a new crosswalk are coming to Colchester Ave! There’s more work to be done, though, which is why Jason and his neighbors aren’t finished advocating for the change they know will make their neighborhood a better place.

    Help us to continue to make a difference in communities like yours by giving today!


I am a lover of the freedom one feels on a bicycle. Free to move from point to point and see the world.
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