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Burlington's Proposed Bike Network: A Step in the Right Direction, but Not There Yet

PlanBTV Walk Bike is Burlington's first-ever attempt to (among other things) plan for a complete, fully integrated bike network that brings biking within reach for everyone.  The draft bike network map is a big step in the right direction, but it still falls substantially short of what is needed to make biking a safe option everywhere in the city.  

The consultant team that is developing Burlington's walk-bike master plan needs your comments on this draft bike network map!  Please submit comments by October 22.  Here are the details:

  • You can download the original version of the map at this link.  Be sure to take a look at Local Motion's mark-up, though!
  • Local Motion's mark-up of that same map is below (click here or on the image to download a high-res version of the map).  You can use our mark-up as a reference as you develop your own comments, or you can simply tell the consultant team that you support Local Motion's suggested changes.
  • Send your comments by email to:  Julie Flynn < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >
  • The deadline for comments is October 22! 

BTV bike facility map -- Local Motion comments copy


Better by Bike in the News

Open Streets BTV 2015 was a huge success! Thank you to all the participants, organizers, volunteers, and sponsors.

Check out this report by News Channel 5 WPTZ, highlighting the demonstration pop-up protected bike lanes!


Volunteers set up greenway markings on Grant Street for OpenStreetsBTV2015

The City of Burlington press release about Open Streets, Protected Bike Lanes, and the importance of community and administrative collaboration in order to improve our streets.

"Open Streets BTV, along with pop-up protected bike lanes and pedestrian improvements, give us the opportunity to explore how to make the greatest progress towards making Burlington even better and safer for pedestrians and bikers than it is today"

-Mayor Miro Weinberger


The car-protected bike lane in action on N. Winooski Ave

WPTZ also followed up at the Plan BTV meeting

that occurred following the weekend's activities.

Open Streets attendees try out e-bikes

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Do you want Burlington to become Better by BIke?

id you participate in the pop-up bike lane demos featured at Open Streets BTV 2015?
Did you see them in action and have an opinion about their place in Burlington's future?

Fill out this 4 question survey to let the city know what its citizens think!

Your voice is important, and is a vital part of the process to changing our streets to become!






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