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VT Transp. Board's 2013 Walking & Biking Hearings

The Vermont Transportation Board holds hearings every year to get feedback from Vermonters on how to improve our state's transportation system.  Walk-bike safety and access are high on the list of priorities for the Board.  They want to hear from you about how to make our streets and roads work better for people on foot and on bike.  

The 2013 Hearings were held in October and November at sites across the state..  Click here for a copy of the Board's presentation.


Want to learn more about the Board and how it is working to improve walking and biking?  Check out last year's Transportation Board report, which has a hefty section on walk-bike issues and priorities.  

Resources for Better Sidewalks, Trails & Roads

Do you want your town to have more sidewalks, more trails and better designed streets?  Here are some good resources:

Vermont Design Manuals

Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans

Local Motion's Advocacy Team

Do you want to know more about advocating for better facilities in your town?  Do you have questions about how to bring your idea to life?  Contact any member of our Complete Streets and Trails team:

  • Jason VanDriesche, Co-Interim Executive Director & Director of Advocacy & Education, 802-861-2700x109
  • Charlene Wallace, Co-Interim Executive Director & Director of Operations, 802-861-2700x103
  • Katelin Brewer-Colie, Complete Streets Project Manager, 802-861-2700x104
  • Brian Costello, Island Line Coordinator, 802-861-2700x113

We're here to help!


New Funding Guide for Bike/Walk Projects

Mt Philo Sidewalk AlmostDone 220pxA new online tool from Advocacy Advance makes it easier to identify the federal transportation programs that could be used to pay for many types of walking and bicycling programs.

The tool also provides helpful information about each type of federal transportation funding source available for biking and walking projects, including what it is, how much funding is available, and who to approach for more information. Check it out.

Thanks to the CCRPC for distributing this info to town officials as well.


Public Perceptions on Transportation Shifting

Go Chitt What do Chittenden County residents think about the region's transportation conditions?

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission just completed a comprehensive survey of area residents. Some notable statistically significant trends emerged from the previous study:

  • Fewer residents are agreeing with the statement “traffic congestion gets noticeably worse every year” over time. In other words, their perception is that traffic congestion is lessening. 
  • Residents are increasingly agreeing with the statement “I live close enough to walk to work, schools, shopping, services, etc.” Likewise, there is a positive trend in terms of residents feeling as though there are enough sidewalks in their areas.
  • Internet use is increasingly reducing the total number of trips that residents of Chittenden County make.
  • Fewer residents consider their neighborhood streets to be safe and pleasant for all users but by contrast, fewer feel that vehicular noise and emissions are getting worse.
  • In 2012, residents were much less likely to support building more freeways.

Many of these trends are positively bending towards a more multi-modal future.  Find out more here!


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