Local Motion has indefinitely postponed the Island Line Ferry Service for the 2018 season. Due to recent storms, The Colchester Causeway is currently closed beyond the Law Island Bridge. The extent of the damage is currently being assessed by the town. For updates, please visit the Town of Colchester's Park & Rec. website.

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On May 4th, 2018 severe storms caused significant damage to the Colchester Causeway. Local Motion met with the Town of Colchester and found them to be working hard to address what has now been determined to be a major reconstruction project.

A project of this scope will take time to plan, fund and execute, and unfortunately time has run out for the 2018 Bike Ferry Season. As a result of the assessment, Local Motion must indefinitely postpone ferry service at the cut this year.

The 8 minute ride that the Bike Ferry offers to over 16,000 people a year is like no other in the world and brings joy and adventure to so many. Local Motion is saddened that they will not be able to offer the service this year. ”Sometimes bad things happen that are beyond our control. This is one of those times, but we are optimistic that today’s challenges will result in an improved infrastructure, a more sustainable Bike Ferry operation and will remain a complement to all of the important work Local Motion does,” stated Karen Yacos, Executive Director of Local Motion.

The Town of Colchester is updating their website and social media accounts with their most frequent information. Local Motion will continue to communicate updates as they receive them.



The Island Line Trail is an experience unlike any other. With distant views of the Adirondacks to the west and Green Mountains to the east, the 3 mile packed gravel recreational path will lead you literally to the middle of Lake Champlain. Here, surrounded by water, you can either choose to turn around and head south back to the mainland or hop Local Motion's Island Line Bike Ferry to continue onto South Hero Island.

The Island Line Trail ranks as one of the most scenic vistas in the world and is some of the easiest riding and walking terrain in all of Vermont. Superb biking, walking, gorgeous views, trails, farms and good food await you along the Island Line Trail. Our specially equipped bike ferry, the Bill and Carole Hauke 2, will carry you comfortably across the 200 foot "cut" whether you are heading south from the Islands or north from the Burlington/ Colchester area. 

Getting to the Ferry is easy. Choose to begin your ride on the waterfront in Burlington, VT (10 miles south of the Ferry), Airport Park in Colchester, VT (4 miles south of the Ferry) or South Hero Village, VT (about 5 miles north of the Ferry). The Ferry Rates & Schedule can be found here. If you are looking for route or ride inspiration, make sure you check out some of our favorite rides. If you are interested in learning about the rail to trail history, click here.

While the Island Line Bike Ferry rarely closes, don't forget to check the weather before heading out to visit!   

click here for the current weather conditions

 Meet the Island Line Bike Ferry Crew!

 Check out this amazing footage captured by a drone soaring above the Island Line!

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