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  • published Sandy Bender's Commuter Challenge Story in Blogs 2019-10-10 14:22:38 -0400

    Sandy Bender's Commuter Challenge Story

    This fall, Local Motion is challenging its staff to shake up their routines by replacing a trip they typically take by car with any other means of transportation (but not plane or helicopter, though that might be a good story). Our Services Coordinator, Sandy Bender, took us up on the challenge. Here’s her story!

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  • published Fall Newsletter 2019 in Newsletters 2019-09-03 12:35:59 -0400

    Fall Newsletter 2019

    Summer has been full of activity and we aren't slowing down as we enter the fall season. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to and what’s on the horizon!

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  • How about Trading Car for Cargo Bike — A Lending Library Story

    Local Motion’s Traveling E-Bike Lending Library is in currently in full swing!

    It just finished up a stay at Onion River Outdoors in Montpelier and is now at the Norwich Public Library until September 10th. After that, it’s on to Hartford, and beyond! We recently reached out to a Montpelier couple who loaned a bike from the library to learn about their experience.

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  • published Locking Your Bike in Blogs 2019-08-07 10:08:41 -0400

    Locking Your Bike

    Summer’s here, and bikes are buzzing all over our streets, and it’s a beautiful sight.  

    Less beautiful? The upsurge of bike thefts that come with the summer months.

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  • published Elements of Bike Riding 14 in User Submitted Blog 2019-08-01 09:38:02 -0400

    Elements of Bike Riding 14

    By Peter Burns

    Mental Maps

    I can trace most of the main roads in Chittenden County in my mind.  Sometimes in the winter, I like to remember the rides I took in the summer, retracing them in my mind.  As I leave Chittenden County the mental map starts to fade out.  When I am planning a local recreational ride, my mind automatically explores a few different routes, along with the possible road conditions. Traffic and wind direction also important.  I want to avoid busy roads, especially during rush hour.  If the wind is blowing at more than ten miles per hour, I ride into the wind on the way out, and with the wind on my way home. Sometimes I change my route during the ride. In the evening of  June 17th, I was riding back toward Winooski on Middle Road in Colchester.  My original plan was to take a right on Route 2A and head home by way of Mallets Bay Avenue.  But I was low as on water and wanted to use the facilities so instead, I took a left on 2A and went to the Burnham Library for a break. Because I have a clear mental map of the area, it was easy enough to figure out the way home from the library.

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  • published Shelburne Village Pedestrian Safety Group 2019-07-23 12:47:03 -0400

    Shelburne Village Pedestrian Safety Group

    Through the years, Shelburne has faced significant increases in traffic, heavy-reliance on vehicular movement, speeding cars and trucks and significant safety concerns for pedestrians.  The village is populated with multiple neighborhoods whose residents are drawn to many businesses, services and cultural attractions in town.  Since 2016, the Village Pedestrian Safety Group has worked closely with Local Motion and town and regional partners to shape a village that accommodates the needs of all: pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles. 

    The mission of the Village Pedestrian Safety Group is “to actively work toward the creation of a culture of safe year-round walkability and connectivity in the village core.  This includes, but is not limited to, safe paths, sidewalks and crosswalks, bicycle routes and vehicular traffic that adheres to speed limits and complies with crosswalk laws.  We value collaborative relationships with town employees and elected officials, volunteer committees and boards and the general public. While safety is our top priority, we also strive for changes that add aesthetic value to an already charming village core.” Through these efforts, a variety of changes have moved the town closer to our goal, with more expected in the near future.

    Examples of pedestrian safety concerns that led to our formation as an advocacy group:


    Among our early steps was to do a ‘walkabout’ with Local Motion staff to assess several village roads.

  • published Southeast Vermont in Local Walk/Bike Committees 2019-07-08 11:52:52 -0400

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    Add your name to help create a safer Colchester Ave

    We, the undersigned, support the repurposing of the existing public right of way along Colchester Ave to make room for new and improved biking facilities. We call on the City of Burlington and Burlington Public Works Commission to support the repurposing of public space currently used for on-street parking to improve safety for those biking along this corridor.  We believe this is an appropriate and beneficial use of public space.


  • published 2018 Year In Review in Newsletters 2019-01-25 12:58:05 -0500

    2018 Year in Review

    Here's the 2018 Year in Review Newsletter that was emailed on January 23, 2019.

    We’re walking and rolling! 2018 was a jamming year for biking and walking in Vermont. Thanks to you, our donors, community partners, and business members, Local Motion continues to make our streets more livable, get more people biking and walking, advocate for better policy, and grow Vermont's active transportation culture. Keep your eye out for a few Local Motion newsletters each year!

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