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    Become a volunteer!

    Volunteering with Local Motion is fun and easy, and there are all kinds of ways you can help!  From greeting passengers on our Bike Ferry to parking bikes for Valet Bike Parking to helping with learn-to-ride clinics for kids, there is a good volunteer match for you.  

    Please fill out the basic info below and let us know what area(s) you are interested in volunteering for.  We will get right back to you to discuss options and get you onboard. Thanks!

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    Burlington City Council: Implement PlanBTV Walk Bike!

    In spring 2017, the Burlington City Council approved PlanBTV Walk Bike, the city's first-ever walk-bike master plan.  This plan is a blueprint for making Burlington the kind of place where anyone can bike and walk anywhere in safety and comfort. Now it is time to implement the plan!  Join the call for making the Queen City a great place to walk and bike.


    1,043 signatures

    To the Burlington City Council,

    I am writing to you to ask you to do three things to support PlanBTV Walk Bike:

    1. Communicate to city staff and to fellow councilors that you support rapid overall implementation of the plan
    2. Support any specific projects that come before Council that are consistent with the plan
    3. Actively support and vote for operating and capital budgets as needed to implement the plan

    This issue is very important to me.  I will follow with interest any community and Council meetings where the plan is discussed and voted on, and hope I can count on your support for the plan at those meetings.  

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    E-Bike Climate Solution

    xtracycle-pic.jpgYou already know that riding a bike to work, school, the grocery store, or to pick up your kids is way more fun than driving a car to these places. But did you know that we can make a dent in Vermont's climate goals by riding a bike instead of driving? It's true! Local Motion's "e-bike climate solution" proposes to help Vermonters replace car trips with bike trips across the state. E-bikes are a game changer to help make this happen! This climate solution was sent to the state's Climate Commission for them to consider implementing as a way to reduce Vermont's carbon emissions. Regardless, Local Motion will continue our existing programs and will always be on the lookout for how we can make a bigger difference! Scroll to the bottom to sign up for notification of new e-bike lending hubs.

    How big of a dent can we make?

    • 2028: The goal of this plan is to replace 60 million automobile miles with the same number of bike miles by 2028. This will result in about 1.3% of the 2028 goal of transportation related carbon dioxide prevention.
    • 2050: The goal of this plan is to replace 120 million automobile miles with the same number of bike miles by 2050. This will result in about 1.7% of the 2050 goal of transportation related carbon dioxide prevention.

    (1% or 2% doesn't sound like a lot, but reaching our carbon reduction goals requires many different solutions. One way to think about think about it is all of the other benefits that come out of this plan, including financial savings for Vermonters, a boost in the economy from e-bike sales, safer streets from improved bike lanes and infrastructure, and many other pollutants saved by riding a bike instead of driving a car!)

    How many people do we need?

    See the calculations here.

    • 2028: We will need to motivate a total of 25,000 people to ride their bike 12 miles per day for 200 days per year across Vermont instead of driving.
    • 2050: We will need to motivate a total of 50,000 people to ride their bike 12 miles per day for 200 days per year across Vermont instead of driving. 

    (This is very doable!)

    How will we do this?

    • Expand our e-bike lending fleet to seven other Vermont communities across the state, making about 50 more e-bikes available to Vermonters to take home for a week for free (see our current e-bike lending program here)
    • Provide statewide rebates to purchase an e-bike (available for Burlington Electric customers starting November 2017)
      • We recommend $500 minimum per person. $750+ rebates would be best! (Some utilities offer $10,000 for electric vehicles, so why not for e-bikes?)
    • Improve Vermont's bike infrastructure, such as bike lanes and intersection markings, especially in commuting corridors
      • Local Motion will continue to work with VTrans and local communities to continue this work
      • The Vermont Legislature has the powerful opportunity to set goals and a timeline for Compete Streets
    • Expand our Everyday Bicycling workshops and offer e-bike specific workshops


    The following organizations and businesses support this plan! Email to sign on your organization or business as a supporter. (No commitment necessary to be a supporter--you're just stating that you support this climate solution.)

    • Champlain College
    • Earl's Cyclery & Fitness
    • Healthy Living
    • North Star Sports
    • Old Spokes Home
    • Skirack
    • V-Bikes
    • Vermont Electric Bikes, LLC
    • Vermont Natural Resource Council
    • Vital Communities
     *Image by Xtracycle


    Submit your info below to be notified when new e-bike
    lending hubs are available in towns around Vermont!


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  • commented on No more excuses: My year on an e-bike 2017-09-27 01:07:57 -0400
    Right on! Thanks for sharing your story; and thanks for reducing your carbon emissions and traffic congestion with all those e-bike trips. I bet you’re much healthier and happier for having spent the time exercising on your bike rather than sitting in your car. With better lithium batteries and lighter weight more powerful motors, the technology keeps getting better. E-bikes will eventually catch on. Keep spreading the word!

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