Richard Tom Foundation

Richard Tom has created momentum in such a way that it is impossible to let go. No one individual alone could maintain the momentum and positive influence he had on others in the cycling community. To that end, the Richard Tom Foundation was formed and the Board of Directors is committed to keeping Richard’s legacy alive.

As the Board continues to raise funds to support our mission, events, programs and partnerships will be organized to carry on his legacy. The mission of the Richard Tom Foundation is to honor the many ways that Richard lived his life with passion and sharing his love of cycling, health, and adventure. RTF is dedicated to creating resources and activities so that non-cyclists may discover the fun and health benefits of cycling while also encouraging cyclists of all ages to experience the adventure, camaraderie, and sense of well-being that come with exploring Vermont roads and trails.

As Richard’s powerful legs reliably spun his pedals on trails and roads of all kinds, RTF will continue to spin his legacy forward, powered by the inspiration he infused in each of us.

The Board’s goals and objectives, as we continue to raise funds, include:

  • Organizing an annual ride in the spring to raise money for RTF by bringing together mountain and road bikers in an event to inspire all to ride safely and have fun.
  • Supporting and partnering with existing organizations such as Local Motion, Little Bellas and GMBC - to advocate for bike safety as well as making biking available to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to own a bike.
  • Supporting driver’s education programs with emphasis on instilling the awareness of the enormous responsibility that each new driver assumes when getting behind the wheel of a car, and the consequences that a simple decision may have on their and others’ lives.
  • Creating a program by gathering bicycles and bicycle accessories and giving them away to youth via an application program. The goal of this program will be to encourage young people to ride bikes and discover its many inherent benefits: joy, adventure, good health and well-being.

The Richard Tom Foundation was created to honor Richard Tom who lost his life while cycling near his home in Vermont. The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of cyclists of all ages including making resources available so that a
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