S.84 - Motor Vehicle Emissions

This bill would establish more specific vehicle emission inspections provisions and stiffen the legal definition of "following too closely". This bill would also impose significant fines for installing or using emission defeating devices.

Current Status

(4/21/2017): This bill is currently "on-the-wall" of the Senate Committee of Transportation. It will either be taken off-the-wall in the next session or left on the wall to "die". If the bill "dies" on the wall, it will need to be re-introduced as a new bill in another session.

(3/15/2017): This bill is currently in currently in committee and testimony is being collected - NOW is the time to contact your legislator about S.84

Why this Bill Matters for Walking and Biking in Vermont:

If passed, S.84 would address "rolling coal" attacks - when a car intentionally emits a dense cloud of emission particulates and smoke which can impair pedestrian, cyclist and motorist visibility and exposes anyone in the area to harmful emissions. 

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