H.8 - Distracted Driving

This bill would increase the penalties for a second offense distracted driver as defined in 23 V.S.A § 1095b.

The increased penalties would...

  • add points to an individual's record
  • require the retaking of the written motorist DMV test
  • require revocation of a junior license for 30 days

Current Status

(4/21/2017): This bill is currently "on-the-wall" of the House Committee on Transportation. It will either be taken off-the-wall in the next session or left on the wall to "die". If the bill "dies" on the wall, it will need to be re-introduced as a new bill in another session.

(3/15/2017): This bill is currently in committee

Why This Bill Matters to Biking and Walking:

If passed, H.8 would penalize distracted drivers who pose a direct threat to cyclists and walkers. Anything that can be done to increase the safety of cycling and walking is worth paying attention to!

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