H. 79 - Slow-moving Vehicles

This bill would require that slow-moving vehicles pull off to side of roads when a specified number (to be determined) of vehicles are behind them.

Current Status

(5/17/17): This bill is currently "on-the-wall" of the House Committee on Transportation. It will either be taken off-the-wall in the next session or left on the wall to "die". If the bill "dies" on the wall, it will need to be re-introduced as a new bill in another session.


Why This Bill Matters to Walking and Biking:

This law if passed, will determine the definition of "impeding traffic" i.e. how many backed-up vehicles are necessary before the front vehicle MUST pull over and lets others pass. A bike is defined as a vehicle in this instance. This law will also take a closer look at the distance between vehicles and make sure that the space is adequate so if a vehicle must pull over, they can do so in a safe manner.


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