H. 79 - Slow-moving Vehicles

This bill would require that slow-moving vehicles pull off to side of roads when a specified number (to be determined) of vehicles are behind them.

Current Status

(5/17/17): This bill is currently "on-the-wall" of the House Committee on Transportation. It will either be taken off-the-wall in the next session or left on the wall to "die". If the bill "dies" on the wall, it will need to be re-introduced as a new bill in another session.


Why This Bill Matters to Walking and Biking:

This law if passed, will determine the definition of "impeding traffic" i.e. how many backed-up vehicles are necessary before the front vehicle MUST pull over and lets others pass. A bike is defined as a vehicle in this instance. This law will also take a closer look at the distance between vehicles and make sure that the space is adequate so if a vehicle must pull over, they can do so in a safe manner.


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  • Bruce Lierman
    commented 2018-07-16 09:30:15 -0400
    An important opportunity in this legislation is to treat all slow moving vehicles, including bicycles, in the same way.
    Our current legislation doesn’t affirm, as other states have, that the place for slow-moving traffic is in the rightmost lane for their destination – slow moving vehicles can then yield the lane when they feel it is safe to do so and a set number of vehicles are following. Also, the current law allows local options (e.g., two-abreast riding) which creates a confusing and arbitrary set of local laws a traveler may not be aware of.
    Consistent handling of all roadway users makes the law easier to understand, obey, and enforce.