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family_biking_thumb.jpgMost of the change that we want will happen one street and one road at a time.  And most of it will happen because of people like you.  It is our thousands of supporters who email their city councilors and selectboard members.  Show up at meetings and speak out.  Join big public rides and walks to bring attention to things that need to change.  Local Motion provides the wheels.  You turn the pedals.  

This section of our website is being rebuilt around goals:  that is, around getting specific, tangible things done.  Whether it's closing the gap at the northern end of the Shelburne Road bike lanes in South Burlington or making it safer to cross the street at Main Street and Eastern Avenue in St. Johnsbury, we have more impact when we define what we want to change and then work together to make it happen.

YOU can help decide what Local Motion's goals should be!  Add your thoughts to the Suggestion Box in the sidebar.  Let's make change happen, one street or road at a time.

GOAL: A Connected BTV Center-City Bike Network in 2017

bike_map_screenshot_copy.jpgBetter biking is coming to Burlington in 2017—if you stand up and speak out!  Local Motion is organizing Burlington residents in support of six bike infrastructure improvement projects that are on DPW's list for this year.  We want to make sure they all get done, and YOU are the key to making that happen.  Click each link below, and if you like what you read, add your name in support of that project.

connecting north ave to downtown     
bike lanes on pearl street     
protected bike lane on union street     
building the old north end wiggle     
southbound bike lane on willard     
green intersections and super-sharrows     

GOAL: A Path for Shelburne Heights

Completed_Goal_thumb.jpgLocal Motion is pleased to have partnered with Shelburne residents to win selectboard permission for a primitive (unpaved) path on public, town-owned land between Shelburne Heights and Boulder Hill.  The path—which is now being built—runs entirely on public land and is being constructed by volunteers at no cost to the town or to taxpayers.  

add your name in support of this path

 THE OPPORTUNITY:  A path from Shelburne Heights to Boulder Hill will give a major new section of Shelburne a walking and biking route to the village.  Shelburne Heights residents will be able to get to the Webster Road path without having to walk or bike on Spear Street.  This will benefit a large number of families and kids, promoting physical activity and connecting them to the village.


CURRENT STATUS:  The path was approved 5-0 by the selectboard on September 27, 2016.  Volunteers are now moving ahead with path construction.  (Note that the photo above is an example of the type of path that is being built; it is not a photo of the path itself.)

THE NEXT STEP:  Add your name, then sign up for a trail workday!  Click the red button above to endorse the construction of a path from Shelburne Heights to Boulder Hill, then email or call Mike Ashooh (see below) to volunteer.  The next trail workday is Saturday, October 15 from 10 to 2.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This path is NOT located in or near any wetlands. It runs entirely through upland forest.  Click the button below for a map showing the location of wetlands relative to the path location.

view detailed trail location map

download a fact sheet about the path proposal

 FOR MORE INFO:  Contact Mike Ashooh of 87 Ravine Court at 985-3734 or  


Add Your Name in Support of This Path

GOAL: Improve Bike & Walk Safety on Bay Road in Shelburne

Bay-Road-Study-Area_copy.jpgLocal Motion is pleased to partner with Shelburne residents to document community support for making Bay Road safer for biking and walking.  Bay Road is an important route for people biking & walking to school, for recreation, and for transportation, and is also a neighborhood with a long history and a strong sense of place.  It will work better for everyone with a few sensible improvements.  


THE OPPORTUNITY:  Ask the Shelburne Selectboard to move ahead as soon as possible on practical, locally appropriate bike & walk improvements for Bay Road. This road connects the bike lanes on Route 7 with Shelburne Bay Park, the Ty Haul Path, Shelburne Farms, and Shelburne Point.  It is a heavily used route for both biking and walking, and at the same time, it sees significant car traffic.  The Town and the CCRPC have identified a number of possible improvements, and there are other options as well that could make a difference for biking and walking within the context of the unique character of this road.

CURRENT STATUS:  Over the past few months, Town of Shelburne and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) worked to identify both near-term and longer-term improvements for biking and walking on Bay Road.  The Shelburne Selectboard recently reviewed those options, and decided to hold off on taking action at this point.  With a focus creative, low-cost improvements, progress could be made in the near term.  

THE NEXT STEP:  Add your name via the above link and spread the word!

FOR MORE INFO:  Read the Bay Road Pedestrian & Bicycle Mobility Study that was recently completed by the CCRPC.


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