Under the Golden Dome: Legislative Advocacy for Walking and Biking

BikesAtCapitol.jpgAs Vermont's statewide walk and bike advocacy organization, Local Motion is leading the charge for legislative and policy solutions that bring safe options for walking and biking within reach for all Vermonters.  Our agenda is evolving as we learn from partners across Vermont about their priorities for safer streets and livable communities.  We are actively exploring a variety of issues, from clarification of the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists to transportation investment policies that build vibrant, walkable, bikeable communities.

We are looking to you—our members and supporters—to help us build a legislative agenda that works for all of Vermont.  In the 2016 legislative session, our primary focus was on bike safety, as last year's four bike fatalities remain painfully present.  We will continue our emphasis on bike safety, but will be looking to you for ideas on where else we can make a difference.  Please share your priorities via the suggestion box in the sidebar.  Thank you.

PRIORITY: Safe Roads

BKT-CrossingGuard_thumb.jpgOne of Local Motion's top legislative priorities is and always will be safe roads for everyone.  Everything about our transportation system—from how we design and build our roads to how the rights and responsibilities of all road users are defined—has to work not only for people driving, but also for people walking and biking.  

Many aspects of Vermont's motor vehicle laws date to the 1970s or earlier, and are in desperate need of revision.  We began the process of building support for change in the 2016 season (see our legislative report for more details).  The work will continue in 2017 and beyond.

2016 Legislative Report   links and reports

PRIORITY: Responsible Driving

Local Motion is taking a stand for responsible driving. Distraction and impairment are all to common on our roads.  They are one of the most significant threats to the safety of people walking and biking.  In fact, all four fatal crashes in 2015 included an element of distracted driving or driving under the influence.

2016 Legislative Report

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