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UVM BUG (Bike Users Group)

The BUG is a student-led group at the University of Vermont dedicated to spreading the good word of bicycles. Check us out - we'd love you to join us!

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On Campus

New to campus?  Get an insider's look of the best routes on campus and avoid the dicey areas you do not want to ride on!  For a more extensive list of trails around the Burlington area, check out Local Motion's Trail Finder.  

Commuting from "Off-Campus"

Coming to the University of Vermont campus from downtown Burlington? Here is a list of the best routes to get to campus and the worst ones to avoid!


  1. If you live north of Pearl Street, consider taking North Street and North Prospect Street to get on campus. North Street is a clean road with wide shoulders and relatively limited traffic. There is a very gradual climb up North Street but should not be a problem for most riders! Once you reach the top of North Street, turn right onto North Prospect Street and cruise your way onto the UVM Green!
    IMG_3235 IMG_3237
  2. Avoid bicycling up Pearl Street at all costs! Pearl Street is a highly congested road with parked cars on both sides making it very hard for turning drivers to see oncoming cyclists. The pavement is broken and there is no bicycle lane. Keep in mind that in the Fall of 2008, UVM Cycling Team member Rose Long was seriously injured on Pearl Street while riding home from class! The photos below show typical traffic!
    IMG_3241 IMG_3242
  3. College Street is one of the best ways to get from downtown Burlington to the University of Vermont campus! There is a wide bicycle lane that is kept relatively clean from debris that runs from the bottom of College Street all the way to campus. If your legs get tired on the way up, remember the free College Street bus that can tote your weary legs to the UVM green! This is one of the best kept secrets there is!
    IMG_3247 IMG_3246
  4. Make sure you avoid Main Street if you can help it! Like Pearl Street, Main Street is one of the easiest way for motor vehicles to get downtown. This means that there is ALWAYS a line of cars steadily streaming up and down Main Street making it dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Use College Street instead or ride up Maple Street or any points South of Main!
  5. IMG_3244


Upcoming Events

   Wed Apr 23rd
UVM Helmet Decorating Event
11:30am - 3:30pm
   Thu Apr 24th
BWBC meeting
5:30pm - 8:00pm
   Sat Apr 26th
North Star Bike Swap!
10:00am - 7:00pm
   Sun Apr 27th
Cycle The City Tour
10:00am - 12:01pm
   Thu May 1st
Bike Walk Month Begins
All Day
   Sat May 3rd
Bike Swap
12:01am - 12:01am
   Sun May 4th
Bike Swap
12:01am - 12:01am
   Fri May 9th
Mayor's Multi-Modal Tour
9:00am - 12:00pm
   Sun May 11th
Lund Home "Ride for Children"
8:00am -
   Tue May 13th
Bike Path Rehabilitation Public Informational Meeting - Perkins Pier to North Beach Improvements
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Tired of hearing everyone tell you to put your helmet back on? How about a new way to think about wearing your helmet? Here are the top ten instances when you should NOT be wearing your helmet. If it is not on the list, you SHOULD be wearing your helmet. How is that for reverse psychology?!

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