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Bike Anatomy

A detailed illustration of a bicycle and each of its components. Created by E. Eschner


Mark Rowell and Emily Eschner, former Americorps VISTA at BRV, created this "Picture This" series for Do-It-Yourselfers and folks who may be interested in starting coops or community bike shops. In the documents to follow, you will find detailed instructions on how to dismantle, overhaul and reassemble most of the major components of almost every bicycle. Our hope is that these handbooks will keep your wheels spinning like a top!


Picture This

Pt. I Tires Tubes Wheels (521.86 Kb)

Pt. II Flat Tire Repair (5.09 Mb)

Pt. III Brake Cable Replacement (3.81 Mb)

Pt. IV Shifter Cable Replacement (3.80 Mb)

Pt. V Chain Replacement (3.61 Mb)

Pt. VI Front Hub Overhaul (7.79 Mb)

Pt. VII Rear Hub Overhaul (5.46 Mb)

Pt. VIII Bottom Bracket Overhaul - One Piece Crank (5.70 Mb)

Pt. IX Bottom Bracket Overhaul - Three Piece Crank (7.54 Mb)



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