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Get a Bike

providing bikes to low-income Vermonters.

The Get A Bike program provides bicycles, repairs, and basic commuting gear and accessories to low-income Vermonters.

Since 2005, Bike Recycle Vemont has provided over 5,000 bikes and 10,000 repairs to low-income Vermonters through the Get A Bike program.

The Get A Bike program relies on donations and volunteers to keep going. If you're interested in donating bike, see our Donate page. If you're interested in volunteering, visit our Volunteer Page.



Bikes are priced from $15 - $150 depending on size, style, and quality. They are priced as marked. Adult bikes start at $25.


Repair Services:

We offer repair services as well. To get an estimate for repairs, you must bring your bike into the shop so a volunteer mechanic can evaluate it. We do not give estimates over the phone or through e-mail.


Accessories and Gear:

We sell locks, helmets, lights, reflective vests, rakcs, baskets, fenders, and other basic gear and accessories for people who rely on their bike for transportation. 


Income Qualificatons for the Get A Bike Program:

To be eligibile for Get A Bike bikes or services, an indivudal must qualify for or receive:

  • SSDI
  • WIC
  • Reach Up
  • SS
  • Section 8
  • Free Lunch
  • Reduced Lunch
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Fuel Assistance

We do not ask for proof of income. We rely on the honor system. Our shop is driven by volunteers and donations and we aim to help individuals who need us the most: those entrentched in systemic or generational poverty, recently resettled refugees, or anyone who is disadvantaged.


Get A Bike Policies:

  • Bike Recycle Vermont does not sell bicycles to people who already have one. If you have a bicycle that is no longer functioning, please bring it into the shop and we will repair it for you! Our repair prices are very affordable.
  • We do not give bikes away for free, for trades, or for I.O.U.s. If an individual has no money, they may be eligible for a voucher through Joint Urban Ministries Projects (J.U.M.P.), or if their bike was stolen, they may be able to get a voucher through Parallel Justice after filing a police report.



Frequently Asked Questions:


q: What kind of proof or documentation of income do you need?

a: We do not currently ask for documentation of your income. We rely on the honor system.


q: How much is a bicycle?

a: Bicycles are priced between $15 and $150 depending on size, style, quality, and accesories.


q: How much are repairs?

a: Repair prices vary and we cannot give you an accurate estimate until we can look at your bicycle. We do not give estimates over the phone or through email.

Please bring it by the shop during our open shop hours.

A flat tire repair runs between $5 and $7 depending on whether we patch the tube or replace it with a new one. A full tune-up averages around $25.


q: When can I get a bicycle?

a: See our Hours & Location Page.


q: What kinds of bikes do you sell?

a: All of our bicycles are donated to us, so what we have in stock changes all the time. We have so many different kinds of bikes! We have mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers… we tend to have more mountain bikes than any other kind.


q: How about helmets? Lights? Do you have them?

a: We sell helmets for $5

We have two tiers of bike lights for sale from $6 to $16

NOTE: It is now a law in Vermont that cyclists must have a front and rear blinky lights or be wearing 20 square inches of reflective material while riding after dark. We highly recommend that our customers purchase front and rear blinky lights for an additional $6.

 We offer three levels of locks ranging from $5 to $15.50


q: How about other accessories? Racks, water bottle cages, bells, fenders, kickstands?

a: Just like our stock of bicycles, our stock of accessories is constantly changing and depends on what people have donated to us. We often have water bottle cages, bells, and kickstands ($2 - $7), we sometimes have racks ($7 - $17), we occasionally have fenders ($10 - $30). To find out what we have, stop by the shop and ask staff. We hope to provide more accessories in the near future, so stay tuned!


q: Do you sell parts? How much are they?

a: Yes, we sell used parts and some new parts to those who qualify for our program. Prices vary, call the shop or stop by to ask about parts and prices.


q: I have a bicycle, but I don't like it, and it's sort of broken... can I trade my old bike for a new one?

a: Bike Recycle Vermont does not do trades. If your bike is broken and you qualify for our program, than we can repair it for an affordable price. Bring it by the shop and we'll give you an estimate. If you've outgrown your bicycle, you can donate your bikes to BRV and then you'll be eligible to purchase a new bicycle.


q: I literally have no money, can you give me a bicycle for free?

a: No, we do not give away bicycles, everyone must pay for a bike. A few social service agencies in Burlington provide vouchers for bicycles from us-- in other words, they would pay for a bicycle for you. You can contact Joint Urban Ministry Project (J.U.M.P.) to learn about their voucher program. If your bike was stolen (in the city of Burlington), you can get a voucher from Parallel Justice.


q: I don't think I qualify for a bicycle from BRV. Where can I find a cheap, used bike?

a: Bike Recycle Vermont often lists high end and vintage bicycles on Craigslist to raise money for the shop. To see what we currently have listed, go to the Vermont Craigslist and search “Bike Recycle Vermont.”

You can purchase used bikes at Old Spokes Home (N. Winooski Ave. in Burlington), Little City Cycles (N. Main St. in Vergennes), and on Craigslist and Ebay.

Each May, many of the local bike shops have bike swaps, with LOTS of reasonably priced bikes.  Check Earl's Cyclery, North Star Sports, Ski Rack, and the Alpine Shop's websites for dates of the swaps.


More questions? Contact us!

call: (802) 264-9687
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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