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Bike Recycle Vermont

Burlington's Non-Profit Bike Shop 802.264.9687

BRV_Badge_yellow_webOur Mission: 

To offer expanded opportunities and sustainable mobility by providing skills training and refurbished biycles to low-income Vermonters.

Our Vision:

BRV is an inspiring, welcoming, hub of hands-on learning and service where the synergy of recycling, skills training, and bicycling propels a healthier community.


MLK Day 09 - Eleanor Weisman-Rowell volunteers at BRV - ALISON REDLICH BFP sm


What We Do:  We accept donated bicycles in all conditions.  With the help of our amazing, dedicated volunteers, we refurbish these donations and sell them to low-income Vermonters.

Who We Serve:  BRV works with low-income Vermonters who would not have access to a bicycle through any other means.  By expandiing access to affordable, sustainable transportation, we work with our customers to improve lives and our community.  We believe that bicycles are vehicles that empower. For more details, visit our Get a Bike page.

How You Can Help:  There are many ways to be involved at Bike Recycle Vermont.  We value our volunteer support and welcome you to become a volunteer.  Please take a look at our Volunteer page to see our current positions.

If you don't have the time to volunteer, but would like to support our work, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.  We accept bicycles in all conditions and financial contributions at any level.  Every dollar counts!  Check out our Donate page  for more info.


"Bicycles are revolutionary machines: they construct equality. … While cars are a means of social differentiation and exclusion, bicycles integrate people as equals. When two people on bicycles meet, they meet as human beings."

                                          ~Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia from 1998-2001


Vermont Federal Sponsors Bike Recycle VT

As part of their effort to give back to the community, Vermont Federal Credit Union has sponsored Bike Recycle Vermont for three years.  Thanks to VTFCU staffer Kylie Webster who dropped by the shop in 2012 to deliver their sponsorship check!

VT Fed Credit Union Sponsorship 2012 510px


We Provide Transportation

recipientsEach year Bike Recycle Vermont refurbishes hundreds of bicycles and sells them to eligible community members. By providing people with transportation, we're opening doors, enriching lives and expanding opportunities. A bike is a healthy, non-polluting means of transportation that provides access to work, chores, recreation, and more.

When we provide someone with a bike, we start a lasting relationship. The relationship grows as bicycle recipients bring their bikes in for maintenance or repair. Bike recipients help us spread the word, by bringing in friends in need of a or wanting to donate a bike.


We Provide Youth Training

IMG_5596At Bike Recycle Vermont, we start with a bike that needs repair and turn it into an opportunity to connect with local youth. We work with local schools and social service agencies to create hands-on learning experiences from skilled bike mechanics.

Through our Youth Training Program, Bike Recycle Vermont bike mechanics teach youth ages 8 to 18 important technical and communication skills that will help them in their everyday lives. We teach the fundamentals of bicycle mechanics, ranging from the basic mechanical skills needed to feel confident biking, to more advanced skills required to work in a bike shop. Our Youth Training Program is a chance for kids to get their hands dirty; building and repairing bikes.


We Help Reduce Waste

A volunteer makes inner tubes into earrings in the Make Room.BRV offers a place to drop old and battered bikes that folks might otherwise take to the landfill. Through Bike Recycle Designs, volunteers upcycle broken and defunct parts and bikes into art and jewelry. Other parts and shop waste are recycled through Chittenden Solid Waste.

But as the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." At BRV, bikes that some would consider trash are transformed into viable transportation. If a donated bike is no longer road-worthy, we strip the bike of all salvageable parts and save these for use in restoring or repairing other bikes.



Team BRV

 BRV Team

Ron Manganiello
BRV Founder and Volunteer
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Ron is the man who created BRV from an inspiration. He volunteers in the shop, fundraises, and keeps the dream moving forward.

Dan Hock
BRV Manager
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Dan is a year-round commuter, mountain bike racer, and expert mechanic. He loves teaching bicycle mechanics to youths and watching them fix up their own rides.

Charlene Wallace
Local Motion Director of Operations & BRV Liaison
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Charlene is a life-long bike commuter and aspires to crank a wrench as well as the rest of the team!  She was formerly the Director of the Good News Garage, where low income people who need transportation can receive a car; working in a program that does same with bikes suits her very well.

Our Volunteers

Bike Recycle Vermont is supported by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who make our mission possible. Join us today!


Founder and volunteer Ron Manganiello and his Xtracycle (an extra-long cargo bike) loaded with tools and a ladder.  He stands in front of the mural on the exterior wall of Bike Recycle Vermont, which was painted by volunteers over the past few summers.



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