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Bike Recycle Vermont

providing bikes to low-income Vermonters


"We focus on increasing bicycling because bicycles are the canaries of healthy communities." 

- Sue Knaup




BRV Mural


Our Mission 

To provide bicycles and skills training to low-income Vermonters.


Our Vision

Bike Rrecycle Vermont (BRV) is an inspiring, welcoming, hub of hands-on learning and service where the synergy of recycling, skills training, and bicycling propels a healthier community.


We Provide Transportation

recipientsEach year Bike Recycle Vermont volunteers refurbish hundreds of donated bicycles and sell them to income- eligible community members. By providing people with affordable transportation, we're opening doors, enriching lives and expanding opportunities. A bike is a healthy, non-polluting means of transportation that provides access to work, chores, recreation, and more.

When we provide someone with a bike, we start a lasting relationship. The relationship grows as customers bring their bikes in for maintenance or repair.

To learn more about qualifiying got a bike, visit our Get A Bike page.


We Provide Training

IMG 5597At Bike Recycle Vermont, we start with a bike that needs repair and turn it into an opportunity to connect with our community. We work with local schools and social service agencies to create hands-on learning opportunities for at-risk youth. We offer intensive trainings to volunteers. We often run Earn-A-Bike programs, women's clinics, and more.


To learn more about our educational opportunities, visit our Classes page.


To learn more about volunteer, visit out Volunteer Page.









We Help Reduce Waste

shoporganizer "One man's trash is another man's treasure." At BRV, bikes that some would consider trash are transformed into viable transportation. If a donated bike is no longer road-worthy, we strip the bike of all salvageable parts and save these for use in restoring or repairing other bikes.


To learn about donating a bike, visit our Donate page.



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