YOU can borrow a cargo bike or e-bike for FREE!

MarigoldNic_thumb.jpgMany people are curious about e-bikes and cargo bikes, but given their price tag ($1,000-$3,000+) it makes sense to try it out for a while before making the big financial decision to buy one.  E-bikes and cargo bikes can significantly increase your ability to incorporate bicycling into your daily life. People with cargo bikes can carry large loads--children, groceries, lumber, and even Christmas trees!

How to Reserve a Bike (easy as 1-2-3...4!)

  1. If you're a Vermont resident, head over to the booking page (click on button below) to reserve your loan period! All loans start on a Thursday and end on the following Tuesday at the Local Motion office. We'll figure out pick-up and drop-off times with you.
  2. Choose a date range
  3. Choose a bike from the list (see below for the bike options)
  4. Fill in the rest! You'll receive a confirmation email.

Please Read Below Before Reserving a Bike! - Important Borrowing Details!

  • You must be able to store bikes in a locked indoors location to be eligible to borrow a bike! We're sorry if you can't, but we can't afford to lose them! Also note that some of the bikes are heavy, so some bikes won't be able to go up stairs. See each bike for weights below.
  • If you won't be pedaling the e-bike or cargo bike home from pick-up, you'll need to make sure that you have adequate transportation such as a large van or full-bed pickup truck. (E-bikes and cargo bikes are heavier than a standard bike, and cargo bikes have long wheelbases. They don't fit on racks designed for lighter, shorter bikes.)
  • When reserving Marigold only, you will need to let us know how many children seats you want installed (0, 1, or 2). There's an area on the reservation form for this. Child seats are rated for up to 48lbs.
  • When carrying heavy items, be sure to balance the weight on both sides of the bike to prevent wobbly and sketchy riding.
  • If you don't have a helmet or lock, we'll supply you with both! (also free!)

reserve a bike!

Meet our Bikes 

Marigold: In 2014, our supporters helped us win a free Xtracycle in a contest. Her name is Marigold, and she is gorgeous.   Marigold is equipped to carry children, but can easily also carry groceries and anything else that you need to get from point A to point B.  She is fully kitted out with bell, fenders, lights and panniers.  A joy to ride, she's gorgeous and fun!  BONUS: She has now been electrified, and is equipped with a glorious Bionix e-assist! Weight: 70+ pounds



Kermit: A "cargo light" bike.  This Yuba Boda-Boda has a slightly elongated wheelbase, with a padded platform on the back for someone to sit on (they have to hang on, though!)  It's one of the lightest cargo bikes out there but has a lot of versatility.  Kermit looks and feels more like a "traditional" bike, but can carry a lot of extra gear.  Want to learn more about the experience of using Kermit?  Check out Annie Follett's blog post about her time with using Kermit as a loaner bike: Yuba Boda-Boda, an Easy to Love Cargo Bike Weight: 40 pounds



reserve a bike!

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