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To make sure that cyclists and pedestrians have an easy way to find a lawyer, we've established a lawyer referral program.  We do not endorse or recommend any lawyer.  The lawyers below have stated that they have met at least one of the following criteria:

1) Had past experience representing a cyclist or a pedestrian in a crash

2) Are a member of Local Motion and/or the VT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition

3) Are willing to offer discounts to Local Motion or VT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition members

LAWYER 1 2 3
Jim Dumont, Bristol, VT 802-453-7011 Y Y


Aileen Lachs, Burlington, VT 802-658-6951

Lars Lundeen, Rutland, VT 800-525-5751       Y Y Y
David Rath, Hinesburg, VT 802-482-2905 Y Y Y
Todd Schlossberg, Burlington VT 802-860-2600 Y Y Y
Bradley Myerson, Manchester Ctr, VT 802-362-1505 Y N Y
Thomas Bixby, Rutland, VT 802-775-3229 Y N N

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