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How Intersection Actions Work

An "intersection action" is an outreach event at a high-traffic intersection, where community residents and local police work together to educate motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians about the rules of the road.

Sign up today to volunteer for an intersection action in your town!

Intersection actions are a remarkably effective way to build a culture of safety on our streets.  Here's how they work:

  1. Community residents sign up to volunteer for an intersection action in their town.  Sign up here as a potential volunteer!
  2. Intersection_Action_Champlain_College-1_-_20sep2010Together with local police departments and community residents, the Safe Streets Collaborative identifies locations with significant safety issues where pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists interact.  To suggest a location for an intersection action, please contact Jason Van Driesche at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 861-2700 ext. 109.
  3. Local Motion (the coordinator for the Safe Streets Collaborative) works with each police department to set a date for an intersection action at each identified location.
  4. Local Motion then contacts potential volunteers for each site, and those who are available that date sign up for the action!
  5. First-time volunteers show up half an hour early for a quick orientation.  Volunteers and police then meet at the site for the two-hour action.
  6. Police and volunteers talk with motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians about safe streets, handing out brochures with $6 discount coupons for safety gear and explaining the rules of the road.

If you think you might like to volunteer for an intersection action, please sign up today! We'll contact you as soon as we schedule an action in your town!


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