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Everyday Bicycling Project

Workplace-Based Everyday Bicycling Project

ed_road1All Everday Bicycling Project services are now FREE for Vermont organizations thanks to VTrans and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. To schedule a workshop, learning ride, or coaching session, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 Looking for a way to let your employer know about our FREE Everyday Bicycling workshops?  Click here: Everyday Bicycling Workshop Flyer

Local Motion offers a flexible, practical workplace wellness program for Vermont businesses that helps them promote bicycle commuting by employees.  Through practical lunchtime workshops, on-the-street learning rides, and one-on-one coaching, we help employees develop the skills and the confidence they need to begin commuting by bike.  We also work directly with employers to conduct a worksite assessment and develop a customized plan for making their business more bike-friendly.

The program is structured as a menu of options that allows employers to choose the topics and the cost structure that are most appropriate to their circumstances. Employers pay program fees based on the level of involvement they choose.

This program consists of three major components:

COMPONENT 1:  Everyday Bicycling trainings for employees (FREE)

COMPONENT 2:  Workplace evaluation for employers

COMPONENT 3:  Incentives to boost employee participation


Other items of interest:

Many thanks to VTrans and CCRPC for sponsoring Local Motion's Everyday Bicycling Project!


Sometimes biking to work isn't practical for many employees.  Employers can still encourage biking for health and pleasure through Local Motion's "Getting Back Into Biking" workshops.  Our focus is on giving participants answers to all the questions that might be keeping them from getting back on a bike...



Benefits of Everyday Bicycling

Carbon_Footprint_by_ModeEveryday bicycling doesn't mean that you HAVE to ride every day.  It's about having the option to ride your bike to do those everyday trips that you make.  Maybe it's a trip to the grocery store, or to the library, or to visit friends.  Perhaps you can replace your car commute with a hybrid bicycle/bus commute.  

Everyday Bicycling offers a range of benefits for both employees and employers. For employees, commuting by bike incorporates physical exercise into the daily routine. Regular exercise has a number of well-documented benefits, including reduced illness and increased energy levels. In addition, commuting by bike has the added benefit of reducing an employee’s commuting costs, with savings on gas, parking, and other expenses for every day of bike commuting.

The benefits for employers take many forms. Employees who exercise regularly have fewer health claims, less sick time, and higher productivity levels. In addition, employers for whom parking is a limiting factor can realize considerable cost savings on parking by allowing employees who bike commute to “cash out” their parking, giving up their right to a company parking space in return for a cash payment that represents a portion of the company’s cost to provide that space.

Finally, both employers and employees benefit from “green” company programs. Efforts that make a genuine contribution towards mitigating air pollution and climate change both bolster employee morale and improve the company’s public image. Employees who bike commute derive real satisfaction from making a difference for the planet, and companies that support them have a right to be proud as well.


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