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BTV Police Step Up Enforcement for Bike-Ped Safety


Posted by on Nov 22 2011
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When the Burlington Police Department announced in October that it was starting to issue tickets and warnings to bicyclists and pedestrians who violate traffic laws, Local Motion’s phone started ringing within days. Irate bicyclists who had been issued tickets or warnings wanted to know what was going on — and why they were being singled […]

Higher (Bike Safety) Education

David Jacobowitz

Posted by on Jun 02 2011
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A guest blog post by Local Motion volunteer and certified bike safety instructor, David Jacobowitz: I teach bike safety education mostly to adults. Recently, it was a pleasure to address students in Luis Vivanco’s Bicycles, Globalization, and Sustainability course recently. I use the curriculum set out by the League of American Bicylists, which is based […]

Bike-Related Sections of Burlington Ordinances Get Major Overhaul


Posted by on Sep 15 2010
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At Monday, September 13th’s meeting, the Burlington city council approved a significant overhaul to the portions of the city’s municipal code that discuss the rights and responsibilities of cyclists.  The new language will take effect in a month, and when it does, it will put Burlington out front among Vermont communities in a variety of […]

Lessons From Portland


Posted by on May 24 2010
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Among its many qualities, Portland, Oregon is well-known for its bicycle friendly culture. Whenever my travels take me through the city I set aside some time to seek out and observe key elements that contribute to that success. Yesterday, with several hours before our Amtrak train was scheduled to depart Portland’s Union Station, Marion and […]

A Small But Positive Change for Cyclists


Posted by on Oct 09 2009

This just in from the director of the VT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition, Nancy Schulz: The latest Vermont Driver’s Manual recommends that drivers “leave at least four feet of passing space between the right side of your vehicle and a bicyclist.” (p. 40) This language represents an improvement from the former text which called for […]

What Is This?


Posted by on Sep 25 2009
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You may have spotted these new markings along Pine Street, but what exactly do they mean? After the jump, find out more about VT’s first stencil of this kind and what they are trying to convey. Hint: They don’t mean bike tenting ahead…