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Segways on the BTV Bike Path? Round Two.


Posted by on Nov 24 2012
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In 2009, 802 Segways proposed guided Segway Tours on the Burlington Bike Path. A record 90 people commented on that blog post — and the responses were split 50/50 for and against having Segways on the path.  The business proposal was pulled and the issue remained largely dormant. Now, Rick Sharp — one of the […]

Segways on the Burlington Bike Path?


Posted by on Nov 04 2009
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802 Segways, a small Vermont company, is proposing to operate guided Segway tours on the Burlington Bike Path and some city sidewalks.  Their proposal can be read here.  The company has agreed to do a number of good things — requiring guides, helmets, and moderate speeds, but they head into uncharted territory with Burlington commissions […]