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Just How Amazing Is Skating On Malletts Bay?


Posted by on Feb 24 2012
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Wild skating on Mallett’s Bay and points north has been nothing short of epic this year!  Local Motion has been hosting a number of formal and informal events on the ice.  Check out this amazing video of how much fun the lake skating has been. (Conditions change frequently so check listserve below for updates) The […]

Lake Skate Gets Folks Psyched for ‘Great Ice’


Posted by on Feb 05 2012
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While we had to cancel our Wintervale festival in the Intervale due to lack of snow, we invited Local Motion fans to join us for a Sunday morning skate across Malletts Bay in Colchester, VT.  Thanks to MVP Healthcare for underwriting our winter fun! Wow, it was incredible! Over 40 people of all ages came […]

Falling Through the Ice


Posted by on Mar 12 2010

There was a great posting last week  on the VTNordicSkating listserv about a recent drill some skaters did in Shelburne Bay to practice how they’d handle falling through the ice.  (I wasn’t there.) It’s great to have the list serv — I get a thrill out of following the escapades that get reported on it […]