Stenciling the City, Burma Shaving the Streets


Posted by on Oct 22 2012
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Sometimes all you need is a gentle reminder.

Maybe you’re walking down the sidewalk, texting a friend.  You’re about to step out onto the street, and right below your feet you see something unexpected…

Stop Texting and Look Up!

Or maybe you’re flying down the hill on your bike to do some shopping downtown.   You’re about to cross an intersection, and there’s another one…

Bikes Stop Too

Or maybe you’re in your car, heading to work.  All of a sudden you see a bunch of people who look like they’re protesting something — but not really…

Walk and Roll Burma Shave signs at Edmunds Elementary

It’s on-the-street guerrilla messaging, Local Motion-style!  With a lot of help from a whole lot of volunteers, we’re giving Burlington a nudge about safe streets.  A few simple changes to how we get around, and we’ll all get where we’re going in one piece.

Want to see more?  Check out the TV coverage and the online chatter.   Want to get in on the action?  Contact Mary Catherine at

One Response to “Stenciling the City, Burma Shaving the Streets”

  1. on 06 May 2013 at 9:53 pm 1.Alan Gregory said …

    I lived in Pennsylvania for two decades until my wife, a native Vermonter, died in the fall of 2010 adn I moved to Vermont for a fresh start. And, I just passed the sixth anniversary of the bicycle vs. car accident I was in while cycling in Pa., the accident that gave me a traumatic brain injury. I still am not quite back on my bicycle as much as I was before that life-changing event. Vermont society still has a ways to go before walkers (especially) have equal footing with cars.