Cycle the City Getting a Makeover


Posted by on Sep 27 2012
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Where is that?  What is it?  Can I ride it now? Is it easy to follow?

The Cycle the City route has been around for 15 years and is an awesome 10 mile clockwise loop that sees almost every sweet part of Burlington.  Waterfront, Suburbs, Parks, Intervale, Old North End, UVM, Hill Section, Champlain College…you name it, you probably will bike past it on this loop.  It is easy to follow (you can always chat with Local Motion staff before heading off) but the plan is to make it even easier to follow, more informative and more user friendly.  Not to mention looking pretty damn sharp.

We have been working with JDK on redesigning the logo, all signs, the map, the brochure and the web.  They have been putting in some serious time and some serious collaboration (I think I have received 55 emails from them in the last few months, not to mention how many I have sent them!!) and trying their hardest to be the best designers in the industry!  They have my vote!

The new logo has been set (below), signs are almost in their final stage for ordering (will give you a sneak preview some day) and they are now working on the brochure, map and web.  Super exciting stuff.

Refreshed Logo – Looking crisp and clean!

2013 Launch Party!  The next big thing is to get all of this stuff compiled and ready for release.  Hoping to have a big ol launch of the information and a slow ride around the route (preferably in period costume…anyone have a penny farthing?) at the end of April, 2013.  New flowers and growth for spring with new signs and cycling enthusiasm too.  Looking at having a cool event to launch Bike Month 2013 so watch this space for new posts and some fun times ahead!

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  1. on 30 Sep 2012 at 3:39 pm 1.Jon Adams-Kollitz said …

    Thank you Nic for pulling the pieces together and JDK for the generous amount of time and artistry you've put into this project. Burlington deserves first class design and infrastructure and we're getting it with this project.