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The Invisible Bicycle Helmet — Fabulous or a Fad?


Posted by on Aug 19 2012
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Yup, the lady in the picture is wearing a helmet. Check out the videos below to see the amazing invention these two Swedish women have developed.  It’s called a Hovding and you’ve got to give them credit for creating an entirely new approach to protecting one’s head while cycling. Do you think a product like […]

Cycle the City Refresh


Posted by on Aug 10 2012
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News update… We have embarked upon a process for refreshing the entire Cycle the City route with the support of JDK, Local Motion, BWBC, DPW and Parks and Rec.  This refresh involves having JDK update the identity (logo, font, colors etc), the online presence through the Cycle the City page on Local Motions Website (, […]

320 Cyclists Support LM at Islands Bike Tour!


Posted by on Aug 06 2012
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Thanks to the great weather and great coordination from Vermont Farm Tours, the Islands Bike Tour on July 14, 2012 was a smashing success! The participants meandered along multiple routes and loops through the Islands exploring farms and galleries along the way.  In addition to having lots of fun, the riders raised $1,200 for Local […]