Lake Skate Gets Folks Psyched for ‘Great Ice’


Posted by on Feb 05 2012
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While we had to cancel our Wintervale festival in the Intervale due to lack of snow, we invited Local Motion fans to join us for a Sunday morning skate across Malletts Bay in Colchester, VT.  Thanks to MVP Healthcare for underwriting our winter fun!

Wow, it was incredible! Over 40 people of all ages came out to skate the black ice for miles and miles. There was tons of sun, no wind and smooth ice everywhere!

Thank you to Jamie Hess of Nordic Skater for letting people demo his Nordic Skate gear. People kept remarking that they’d never skated on a lake before and they couldn’t believe how far you could go.  Thanks Brian Costello for coordinating the activity for Local Motion!

Want to get in on the fun? Come to our big skating event for the next two weekends — Great Ice in Grand Isle!

Rebecca and I were able to get our one year old Zia out on the ice.  We skated for miles and she loved it!

Thanks again to MVP Health Care!

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