Volunteers Launch Trail Finder App for iPhone!


Posted by on Dec 04 2011
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It’s here — the Trail Finder app for the iPhone! It’s free and so easy to use.  Download it from iTunes here.

Your smart phone is now your trail map. Over 200 trails in Vermont are now searchable from your phone.  You can pull up maps, read the details, submit comments or even a photo at the touch of a button.

Thank you to volunteers (and brothers) Todd Taylor and Troy Taylor of Woodchuck Apps who made this possible.   Thanks also to the Vermont Recreation Trails Program and the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council.

But wait, there’s more! The next version that will be compatible on other smart phones will be out by Spring 2012.  Also, we want your feedback on this first edition so we can improve the app in the next edition.

Want to help take the Trail Finder to the next level?  Volunteer! Contact Chapin to find out how you can pitch in.

2 Responses to “Volunteers Launch Trail Finder App for iPhone!”

  1. on 03 Oct 2012 at 1:24 am 1.ipad case said …

    A more improved engine for searching location and other stuff. Thanks to Woodchuck Apps and Vermont Recreation Trails Program for their help.

  2. on 08 May 2013 at 1:46 am 2.Charles Morrison said …

    I hope there’s a way to update the app. I’m pretty sure there are much more than those 200 trails in the state. Even if it was just 200, I doubt that number will remain unchanged for long.