US DOT Shout-Out to Bike Advocates!


Posted by on Dec 21 2011
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Here’s a truly inspiring quote from US Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Polly Trottenberg, as interviewed by Bike Portland:

One thing that’s been so interesting for us at DOT for the past few years is, we travel around the country and find that so much of the political energy and enthusiasm is coming out of bike advocacy. It’s amazing. We went to LA for this re-authorization visit. This is LA, which people think of as the car city, and 300 bicycle activists showed up and took over the meeting. I just see that’s where the political energy is in transportation right now.

Thanks to you and folks like you that have helped bring that to the fore. It really matters in Washington. We need it. We’re going to have some tough fights ahead I think. On the one hand, as you point out, economically constrained times may make people think creatively but there’s also the backlash: ‘We can’t do frivolous things like bikes!’ There are competing tensions that come out of having constrained resources. I think we need continued political energy on bike and pedestrian projects in how important they are and talking about their benefits and showing, particularly, that it’s not just the product for the elites but that there’s widespread support for these projects.”

Here’s a link to the full interview.

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