Burlington Lakeshore Bike Path Updates

The Burlington Department of Parks, Recreation & Waterfront (BPRW) is leading a full rehabilitation of the Burlington Greenway (informally known as the Lakeshore Bike Path).  Phase 1 of the project—from the ECHO Center to North Beach—was completed in December 2016.  Phase 2 of the project—from North Beach to the Winooski River bridge—will run from June through December of 2017.

Local Motion is working closely with BPRW and with other city officials to advise on detour design and management while the path is under construction.  We will post updates on both the status of path construction and on Local Motion's work related to construction detour planning on this page on a regular basis.  For more detailed updates on construction, visit BPRW's Phase 2 Updates page.

August 11 update

Dig! Dig! Dig! The Project scientist and VT DEC have been given the go-ahead for full bike-path work to be completed between Staniford Road and Northshore. Excavation on this section had been limited until a plant inventory had been completed ensuring that the location of any endangered, rare or threatened species was known and all efforts to protect them were taken.

More signage! BPRW has added more detour signs as well as a number of safety banners along the detour. YAY! However, we have been hearing rumors of an individual in a blue SUV who has been taking down signage as well as harassing cyclists along the detour. The police are aware, but need a licence plate (or even better a video!) before they can take any sort of action. So if you're out and about and come across this individual, let us know. As always, even more information can be found on the BPRW's Phase 2 Updates page.

July 25 update 

Progress! Progress!  Slope work is nearly complete between Shore and Staniford Roads. Simultaneously, asphalt removal, tree protection, erosion control and prep work for grading is all taking place between North Shore to North Avenue Extension. The area in between is awaiting a visit from the Dept. of Environmental Conservation to make sure that construction activities will not detrimentally impact the vegetation along this section of the bike path. For a complete look at all the details, please visit visit BPRW's Phase 2 Updates page.

July 14 update   

Excavation to begin next week! The necessary vegetation has been cleared and some asphalt removal and initial rough grading has been completed. It has been brought to BPRW and Local Motion's attention that individuals are choosing to ride the bike path instead of using the detour. The detour has been set up for rider's safety and it is important, especially now as excavation is to begin in the coming days, that all bike path users are in fact using and following the detour. For even more details, including an update on the plants along the construction side and a sneak peek at the new pause place concepts, visit BPRW's Phase 2 Updates page.

 July 11 update


Local Motion has added additional signage to the bike path detour. A combination of messages of encouragement, safety tips, "you are here" maps and directional/way-finding assistance, we hope these signs will help people navigate the detour!


 June 22 update 

BPRW has released the official detour mapLocal Motion has updated it slightly to further lay out and identify the details and intricacies of the detour. At this time, Local Motion believes that the detour will be in effect until construction of this section of path is completed sometime in the coming fall.

June 12 update

Construction starts the week of June 19.  What section will be the first to be closed for construction is currently being negotiated with the contractor.  The only thing that is certain is that it will be in the northern section of the path (between North Beach and the Winooski River).  Local Motion is advocating for construction phasing that minimizes impacts on path users, particularly in the high tourist season.  

At least a portion of the detour will of necessity send bicyclists out onto North Avenue. The exact detour route is still being determined. Local Motion is evaluating the detour route carefully and working with the city to make it as safe and as direct as possible.  Again, we will share details as soon as they are available.

The Winooski River bridge will remain open until further notice.  At some point, the bridge will need to be closed for three to five days while the segment of path between North Avenue Extension and the bridge is repaved. Local Motion is advocating for holding off on this portion of the construction process until after Labor Day, when tourist traffic drops off and the Island Line Bike Ferry goes to weekend-only service.  Details to follow.  


June 5 update

Staging for construction on Phase 2 will begin during the week of June 12.  The path will remain open for the week, but path users should expect to encounter vehicles and personnel engaged in survey work and other preparations.  


May 19 update

Local Motion has submitted extensive comments to BPRW regarding detour routing, signage, and marketing.  We are meeting with BPRW staff next week to review those recommendations.


May 8 update

Local Motion has begun discussions with the Burlington Department of Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront on detour plans for the bike path during this summer's construction season.  Stay tuned for updates!

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